Woman Survives Being Stabbed 15 Times By Boyfriend She Met Online, ‘He Will Kill And He Won’t Care’

An Oklahoma woman is lucky to be alive after the boyfriend she met online stabbed her over 15 times during an altercation at the apartment the couple lived in with the victim’s mother. The victim, Amber Thompson, is finally speaking out about the horrific ordeal that left her with lifelong injuries.

According to KJRH, Amber Thompson from Tulsa, Oklahoma, was attacked by her live-in boyfriend in November of 2014. Not only was Amber stabbed over 15 times across her body, Amber’s mother and brother were also stabbed while trying to stop the attacker. Amber says that she met her former boyfriend, Chuck Davis, Jr., online in July of 2014. By October 2014, the couple had moved into Amber’s mother’s apartment together.

Amber says that prior to the stabbing, Davis never showed any signs of violence. In fact, Davis had never been violent to Amber at all before the brutal knife attack on November 4. Amber says the attack began after Davis screamed at her mother. After Davis disrespected her mother, Amber wanted him gone.

“I said, I do not let anyone disrespect my mother. Pack your bags and go.”

Those words sent Davis into a fury, and he picked up a knife and came at Amber, the first blow taking out both her front teeth. After knocking out his girlfriend’s two front teeth, Davis then proceeded to stab Amber over 15 times across her body. Stab wounds were found on both her arms, back, neck, and head. She also suffered from two collapsed lungs and a cracked skull. The brutal attack left Amber lying unconscious in her own blood.

“It was the most painful thing I’ve ever felt in my life.”

As Amber’s mother attempted to call 911, Davis stabbed her in the forehead and chest. Davis then began to flee the home where Amber’s brother attempted to subdue him at the door until police could arrive. Davis then stabbed the brother in the neck and back of the head. Surprisingly, Amber, her mother, and brother all survived the horrific knife attack. However, they did not escape without permanent injuries. Amber is still unable to use her hands, which took doctors over four hours to reconstruct.

Chuck Davis Jr. pleaded guilty to the stabbings and received 20 years in jail. However, Amber is speaking out now, as she wants women to understand the risks of dating online. During Davis’ trial, Amber learned that her former boyfriend was already on probation for attacking a man and his wife at a bar the year before. Amber is hoping to shed light on the importance of doing a thorough background check on anyone you meet online before meeting in person.

Amber says that once Davis is out of jail, she fears for the next woman he dates.

“I think the next time he gets out, he will kill and he won’t care.”

[Image Credit: KJRH]