Brothers Recreate Childhood Memories For Mom, The Result Is Precious [Photos]

Three brothers decided to recreate their childhood memories for mom and the result was a precious calendar she received as a Christmas gift.

In case you didn’t know, recreating childhood memories is a trend that keeps growing as the years go by, and the idea couldn’t be more brilliant. What could be better, as a parent, than to look at then-and-now pictures of their kids?

One of the favorite things for moms, young and old, is to take out family photo albums and look at how things used to be. For those with kids, it can be quite emotional to look back and see how they have changed and grown.

Matt MacMillan and his two brothers decided to do just that, and took several old (and embarrassing) photos from when they were kids and surprised their mom with priceless Christmas gift last year. It was not an easy undertaking, as the three brothers recreated the precious images right down to the clothes they were wearing — somehow.

Kudos for creativity for these three brothers who went above and beyond to surprise mom with a gift she will forever treasure. Putting the images side by side for maximum impact, the calendar shows candid moments in the tub and the boys dressed up to go trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Let us see what the MacMillan brothers came up with for their mom.

The first photo is a bit awkward as the three brothers had to, somehow, fit in the tub and honestly, three grown guys in a bathtub is not something a lot of us want to see. The only thing that changed is that the grown brothers are wearing underwear this time around.

The next photo appears to show all the boys, including dad, going to church. The three MacMillan brothers, and a man who looks like dad, are on the steps of a building, all dressed up. They clean up nicely.

A sweet kiss from dad all those years ago, and this brother didn’t mind getting one from his old man for this photo.

Before heading out to go tick-or-treating all those years ago, the three brothers posed for a photo for mom, and now they were able to find the same costumes for adults.

Down to the same cup and plate color, one of the three brothers was celebrating a birthday with grandma sitting next to him and the other two boys watching attentively.

Who didn’t love to try to fit in a tight place when they were little and what better than having big brother join? A little more difficult when you’re all grown up.

Well, we can clearly see who the clowns in the group are, as the three brothers recreate this pose to perfection.

What is more fun than to pile on each other while playing on the rocking chair? Brave effort from the three brothers to recreate this one.

We don’t know what mom’s reaction to the three brothers recreating their childhood memories in these photos was, but you will surely get a chuckle at seen the grown guys doing the same things while wearing the same outfits, for the most part. What do you think of their idea?

[Images via Matt MacMillan/Share Worthy]