'Bringing Up Bates' Baby Update: Erin Bates Paine Shares Scoop On Her Pregnancy

Stacy Carey

Bringing Up Bates stars Erin and Chad Paine recently announced that they are expecting a baby in a matter of months, and fans are thrilled for them. Chad and Erin had shared quite a bit on the show about their struggles to have a healthy baby and, in last week's show, they revealed the big news that they were now on their way. Now, she's opening up about when the baby is due -- and a lot more.

Erin tells People that she is due June 8, though she's not dishing out any details regarding the baby's gender. Fans could tell that the Bringing Up Bates star was somewhat far along in a photo she posted on Instagram after the announcement, and now it's revealed that she's about 22 weeks along.

Paine says that she and her husband have picked out names for the baby and the process of choosing was a sweet time together for them. Erin and Chad went through several miscarriages together since their November 2013 wedding, the losses apparently generated by a blood-clotting issue.

Erin says that it felt like their world was being crushed when they'd suffer a miscarriage after building up so many expectations and preparing with a date in mind. However, the difficulties brought them closer together, she says. Erin notes that they turned to one another for comfort and they're stronger for the challenges.

Though the Bringing Up Bates star seems to be feeling well now, she says that for the first four or five months she was "completely incapable of doing anything." She says she was in bed almost all the time, and she gushes about how amazing Chad was in helping her through those challenges. She jokes that she was spoiled rotten and she knows she is blessed.

While Erin says she's a bit scared because being a mommy is a hard responsibility, she is confident that Chad is "going to make the best daddy." She is sure, though, that all of the hard work and sacrifices will be worth it in the long run. An Instagram post put up right after the news was revealed notes that they are really looking forward to learning how to be a mom and a dad and they thank their followers for their support.

Chad and Erin don't live too far away from her parents, Gil and Kelly Jo Bates. She praises a lot about how she was brought up in a family with 19 kids. She says that she hopes to keep a lot of the things that her parents did in terms of raising their children, but she knows that the approach she and Chad take won't be absolutely identical.

Do Erin and Chad plan to have a large family like her parents did? She says that given the challenges they've been through and her at-risk pregnancy, they're just working on staying healthy and having a healthy baby. She adds that everything is just one day at a a time.

The Bates family has a lot of baby blessings in their midst this year, with Zach and his wife, Whitney, having the first grandson, Bradley, just a few months ago, and Alyssa and John expecting a baby girl this spring. Now Bringing Up Bates fans can also look forward to Erin and Chad Paine's baby coming in June, and hopefully the show will continue long enough for fans to join in on all the fun.

[Image via UP TV]