Emilia Clarke: 'Game Of Thrones' Season 5 Will Have A Bunch Of YouTube Reactions-Level Shocking Moments

Anyone who's watched Game of Thrones at least through it's first season understands one of the big reasons the show is so popular: its "Oh s***!" moments. That is: Game of Thrones is infamous for turning the tides on its characters at the drop of a hat and killing them with even less hesitation. If you're a fan of that kind of action, you're in luck: it looks like Season 5 will have quite a few of those moments in store.

The news comes by way of Access Hollywood, which got the chance recently to talk with Emilia Clarke, who plays Game of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryen. Needless to say, Clarke is excited to see Season 5, which has ended or is near ending production, hit the small screen.

"This next season I cannot wait to see," Clarke said. "I say this every year, but after reading these scripts and filming, it's super exciting."

Clarke, of course, wouldn't come up off any massive spoilers for this season, but she did say that Game of Thrones fans can expect "more" from Season 5.

"You know how you can watch the YouTube reactions to the crazy stuff we do?" Clarke said. "There's gonna be a bunch of those this season. Like, a couple."

If you're not quite certain what sort of event leads to a "YouTube reaction" worthy moment, then you've probably not been watching Game of Thrones regularly, and you'll want to stop here, lest you run across massive spoilers.

If you're still here, Clarke is obviously talking about the "Oh s***!" moments like Ned Stark losing his head, the Red Wedding, and last season's Purple Wedding. Game of Thrones' big moments almost always involve someone getting killed, seemingly out of nowhere.

So is that what we can expect for Game of Thrones Season 5? Just more bodies hitting more floors? Well, Jon Snow's "For the Watch" moment is probably due out sometime this season, if actor Kit Harrington's haircut is to be believed.

In fact, Jon Snow could well give us two big reaction moments this season, according to one fan theory. Redditor TheAbyssGazesAlso posits that we could see Jon Snow's downfall earlier in the season than one might think. Then, because it was prophesied that Snow would be "a man, then a wolf, then a man again," we could see him returning to life in, say, Episode 10.

Beyond that, there's the scene that gave Game of Thrones' producers the most hassle in shooting Season 5. That scene involves Lena Headey and a good deal of public nudity. Anyone who's read the books knows that the lead-up to Cersei's Walk of Shame is preceded by any number of "Oh s***!" moments.

There are also any number of other big moments worthy of YouTube reaction videos, if Game of Thrones' next season follows the books relatively closely. There's going to be no small amount of trouble under Daenerys' rule, and – if one particular set of set pics is spoiling what we think it's spoiling – we might see just what happened to the one of her three dragons that escaped.

And, of course, there's that one little scene where young Arya Stark strikes out on her own, blind to the potential consequences, and then awakens to find that she can't quite see the way forward.