Terrie Sena, Las Vegas Woman Accused In Videotaped Child Sexual Assaults, Agrees To Plea Deal

Terrie Sena, the Las Vegas woman alleged to have been involved in the videotaped rapes of her own children, has agreed to a plea deal. Sena is one of three adults accused of sexually assaulting eight children in a child sex ring that lasted over 12 years.

The 43-year-old mother, her ex-husband Christopher Sena, and his second wife Deborah Sena are accused of rape, incest, and bestiality against eight children, who police identified as immediate and extended family members.

Terrie Sena will plead guilty to one count of sexual assault, which carries a sentence of 10 years to life in prison, the Las Vegas Review reports. She is expected to enter her guilty plea on February 3.

Prosecutors are offering 50-year-old Deborah Sena the same plea deal, and she has until February 5 to respond. Both women are officially charged with dozens accounts of sexual assault against a child, incest, using a minor under the age of 14 to produce pornography, and lewdness with a child.

The second wife’s defense attorney maintains his client did not willingly participate in the abuse, which may be a sign she will reject the state’s offer, according to the Las Vegas Review.

“I’m very uncomfortable with a victim of domestic violence signing up for 10 to life in prison for something that she never was an active participant in. She was coerced to do any and all that she is charged with, and that is very troubling.”

Police found out about the alleged child sex ring in September, after the new wife, another adult, and a child told a family law attorney about the abuse. The father was arrested in September of 2014. It was not until law enforcement uncovered videotapes of the heinous acts when searching the trailer where the trio lived that the ex-wife and the second wife were arrested in December.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Christopher Sena, 47, faces numerous charges relating to bestiality, felony child abuse, and incest. He now faces over 42 separate charges for his alleged involvement in the child sex ring. It is unclear whether prosecutors will offer him a plea deal as well.

Although prosecutor Jim Sweetin admits this is one of the worst sexual abuse cases he has seen in his career, the New York Daily News reports the state’s attorney thinks Terrie Sena’s plea deal is appropriate.

“It’s a substantial punishment. I think it’s fair, given all the circumstances. The plea deals will save the children from having to come in and testify.”