Is Demi Moore Back With Ashton Kutcher?

Ashton Kutcher was recently seen wearing his wedding ring again getting everybody thinking. So, what’s going on? Are Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore back together? As reported by The Daily Mirror, Ashton Kutcher wore his wedding ring at a press event for his TV show Two and a Half Men, where he plays Charlie Sheen’s replacement after Sheen got himself fired. At the press event, Kutcher is even seen playing with the ring like he’s sending a message to everybody. It’s unlikely that someone so used to the camera would do anything off the cuff.

In the same press event, Ashton Kutcher sported a sparkling new look. Gone was the scraggy beard and long hair. Say hello to family man Kutcher, complete with haircut and clean shave. Regarding this new look, Ashton had plenty to say: “I’m sure there will be people now that I’ve cut my hair and shaved my beard that want me to have long hair and a beard. And there were people that when I had a beard and long hair they wanted me to be shaved and have a haircut. How it evolved is that these guys wrote a screenplay that dictated that I cut my hair and shave my beard at some point.” What an interesting life the life of an actor is, there at the mercy of screenwriters, producers and directors.

Still, no mention above about Demi Moore, not in the slightest, apart from that ring. And the mystery of the disappearing and reappearing ring continues…