Intel Debuts Worthy Mobile Processor, Great Battery Life And Multitasking

CES 2012 continues to be a hot bed of new product and service announcements from technology companies around the World. Intel, maker of chipsets, processors, and more, debuted their new mobile processor which is based on the Intel Atom platform.

Qualcomm and Texas Instruments have long dominated the smartphone and tablet market with their mobile chipsets and processors. NVIDIA is also growing in it’s integration on mobile with their Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 processors. The Tegra 3 is a quad core monster which is available in the fastest Android tablets on the market.

Via PC Mag:

“The first phones based on the Intel architecture will be going to China (available on China Unicom’s network in the second quarter of 2012) and Liu Jun, Senior Vice President of Lenovo, joined Otellini to show Lenovo’s new K800 smartphone. With a 4.5-inch display and what Jun said is “incredible multitasking performance” it still manages to maintain great battery life.”

Sounds like Intel has finally managed to pull off a solid mobile processor. The Intel Atom processor line has been out for a while, but it never was the best for smartphones and tablets. That’s why other competitors managed to take off with mobile while the company didn’t.

More details about the K800 smartphone with their chip:

“A sped-up clip showed that despite 1080p video displays, the Intel reference design delivers notably better battery life than competitors. Bell believes Intel will have the highest performing version of Android; it’s working with developers to create higher-performing games, but the company has technology to allow any Android application to run well, even those designed for another chip architecture (ARM).”