Arie Luyendyk And Lindzi Cox Go Hiking Together For ‘Bachelor’ Reunion

Arie Luyendyk has managed to stay out of the Bachelor spotlight since he was briefly considered to be the next person to find love on the show this past summer. Arie lost out to Chris Soules, so he decided to find love on his own. Of course, Luyendyk has been linked to other Bachelor contestants, including Courtney Robertson.

But now, Arie Luyendyk is revealing that he is actually linked to another woman, as well. This morning, Luyendyk revealed that he had gone hiking with Lindzi Cox, who was previously dating Kalon McMahon. But there is an interesting connection between Cox and Arie. He dated Courtney, who was the chosen lady from Ben Flajnik’s season. Ben sent Lindzi home broken hearted, as he dumped her on the season finale.

According to a new tweet, Arie Luyendyk is now revealing that he and Lindzi are actually friends. The two were not on the same show at once, so other than being on The Bachelor show at different times, no one really knew that these two were friends. But it sounds like they can have a blast when in the same city.

“Look who I took on a hike this morning! Lindzi Cox kicked butt up Camelback at sunrise,” Arie Luyendyk tweeted, while sharing a picture of Cox standing high above the city in the morning sun.

“Arie kicked butt and fell on my butt,” Lindzi replied, which had Arie Luyendyk tweeting back, “true.”

For those thinking about Luyendyk and Lindzi dating, think again. While Cox hasn’t talked about dating someone special, it sounds like Arie has moved on. He recently showed off a brand new girlfriend, who has been appearing in pictures on his social media pages.

According to the Inquisitr, Arie Luyendyk recently confirmed the relationship, saying that he was dating an Arizona reporter. She doesn’t seem to be interested in the spotlight. Plus, the relationship appears to be rather new. In other words, it doesn’t sound like Arie just became single in the past week.

It is amazing to see that these former Bachelor contestants can be friends outside of the show. Of course, Arie Luyendyk has moved on from Emily Maynard, who has gotten married and pregnant since leaving the spotlight.

What do you think of Arie Luyendyk and Lindzi Cox hanging out? Do you think it is awesome to see them be such good friends even though they were both dumped right before getting engaged?

[Image via Twitter]