8-Year-Old Girl Finds Cancer Cure? Antibiotics Suggested At Dinner Table, Parents Test Idea

An 8-year-old girl has come up with a cure for cancer, something that she thinks should do the trick. According to Mail Online, Camilla Lisanti was sitting at the dinner table with her parents (who are both scientists) when they asked her how she would treat cancer. Camilla thought about it for a moment, and then told them that she would use medication — antibiotics — like the kind she takes when she “has a sore throat.” While most people might think that this has already been tested out, Camilla’s parents decided to do some alternate testing — and what they found might surprise you.

“[The] husband-wife cancer research team were skeptical at first but tested out her theory in their Manchester University lab. And to their surprise, several cheap and widely-used antibiotics killed the most dangerous cancer cells. The antibiotics fought seven of the most common cancers – including breast, prostate, lung and hard-to-treat brain tumors. One antibiotic, doxycycline, is widely used to treat acne and is thought to be particularly promising,” reports Mail Online.

The 8-year-old may have had a pretty simplistic solution to a disease that affects millions of people, but it appears as though she might be on to something. According to Metro, more testing needs to be done to see just how effective antibiotics can be when treating different types of cancer. So far, however, the results could be life-altering for many people. These antibiotics have stopped cancer cells from duplicating, which is the ultimate goal in stopping the spread of this deadly disease.

“The conclusions the researchers have drawn, while just hypotheses at this stage, are certainly interesting. Antibiotics are cheap and readily available and if in time the link between their use and the eradication of cancer stem cells can be proved, this work may be the first step towards a new avenue for cancer treatment,” said breast cancer specialist Dr. Matthew Lam.

Cancer patients are often forced to undergo treatments that are physically and emotionally devastating, such as chemotherapy. The process can be very difficult, and it often takes a toll on a patient’s overall well-being. If a combination of antibiotics proves to be a successful way to treat cancer, it may change the way the world sees the disease.

There are many holistic ways that some people choose to try when diagnosed. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a combination of treatment and meditation can also prove to be beneficial.

Do you think this 8-year-old girl is on to something? Are you hopeful that antibiotics could lead to a cancer cure?

[Photo courtesy of Mr. Granger via Wikimedia Commons]