Women In Leggings: Men Have ‘Lustful’ Thoughts At The Sight, Christian Blogger Says

A Christian blogger is creating a storm of controversy for saying that women in leggings are too distracting for men, who can’t focus on anything else at the sight.

Leggings and yoga pants (which are two different things altogether) have been all the craze for the last few years, prompting school districts to ban them in some instances, precisely because guys can’t keep their eyes away from women’s posteriors. However, the controversy over leggings is not limited to women in school, but the married kind as well.

Veronica Partridge, who says in her bio that “My family and myself are Christians and we love community! I have interests in learning to be a great wife & mother, farmer, homemaker, and friend” is the owner of a blog in which she shares daily thoughts and experiences.

Partidge begins this blog with a disclaimer assuring that her post is only about her and she’s not suggesting that all women should stop wearing leggings for men’s benefit.

“Let me just start off by saying, I am in NO WAY trying to tell people what they can and cannot wear. What you wear is entirely your own choice. I am just sharing my personal story on why I chose to no longer wear yoga pants or leggings in public.”

“If it is difficult for my husband who loves, honors, and respects me to keep his eyes focused ahead, then how much more difficult could it be for a man who may not have the same self-control? Sure, if a man wants to look, they are going to look, but why entice them? Is it possible that the thin, form-fitting yoga pants or leggings could make a married (or single) man look at a woman in a way he should only look at his wife?”

The post about women in leggings is creating a lot of buzz on news sites and has been picked up by cable networks, as it seems to have struck a nerve of some kind and we’re not talking about men’s eyes. Whether you agree or disagree, the main controversy seems to be that, once again, it’s the woman’s fault and men are completely not at fault.

Why do the evil creatures tempt men so by wearing leggings, when they can wear a garbage bag to cover all their womanly assets? Aren’t we talking like those extreme laws in certain parts of the world that make females cover every single part of their bodies, because they are too alluring to men who can’t control themselves?

The argument seems ridiculous to many already, and social media is lighting up discussing women in leggings. However, the argument can be made that not all women posses the sense not to wear leggings when in certain situations. While school districts and certain colleges have banned women from wearing the items, some places of business have had to ban the bottoms from the work place in case a young, attractive woman chooses to wear them for work.

Additionally, people are talking about whether men are really so gullible and cannot look at anything other than the behind of a woman who wears form-fitting leggings. Seriously? Is it the woman’s fault that the guys can’t control themselves and know better? Why should they be the ones to stop wearing something that is comfortable and goes with everything, because the guys can’t stop themselves from turning their head to check them out?

It’s true that not every woman looks good in leggings and some should steer clear altogether, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have the right to wear them, regardless of what their men or other men do or think. If they are looking at other women in leggings is because they are not dead, they are men and they have eyes.

The fact that this blogger wants to dress modestly is commendable and completely up to her, but she seems to be under the impression that her husband won’t look at other woman dressed in leggings just because she doesn’t wear them. We may be wrong and would be happy for her if he didn’t, but it’s unlikely.

Partridge has since posted a follow-up to her “women in leggings” blog saying that if she could have anticipated the “hateful” comments that came along with it, she would have never written it. As anyone in America, this mother and wife has every right to her opinion and detractors have the same right, but she has closed the comment section in her post.

Do you think women should stop wearing leggings because they are too distracting to men?

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