Stanford Swimmer Who Was High School All-American Hit With Five Rape Charges From Outdoor Incident

A swimmer at prestigious Stanford University is off the swim team, out of school and staring at five charges of rape and other sex-assault-related crimes, after, prosecutors say, he raped an unconscious woman out in the open on the university’s idyllic, Palo Alto, California, campus.

According to police and witness accounts, 19-year-old Brock Allen Turner, a freshman at Stanford, was caught in the act in the early morning hours of January 18, as he assaulted a woman who was apparently passed out from consuming too much alcohol.

Turner allegedly attacked the woman in public, outside a campus party where the former high school All American swimmer met his victim. It was about 1 am when two men on bicycles pedaled past and saw Turner on top of the woman, who appeared to be out cold, according to the accounts.

Now the three-time All American from Oakwood High School in Dayton, Ohio, whose former coach describes him as “upstanding” and “an All American Kid” could be looking at 10 years behind bars.

His alleged victim, who was not named publicly, is also looking at a lifetime of dealing with the trauma of rape. The woman was reportedly not a student at Stanford, which sits on a leafy, expansive campus in the upscale suburb of Palo Alto, about 35 miles south of San Francisco, and is traditionally known as “the Harvard of the west” for its high educational standards.

The woman was on campus only to attend the party, according to Santa Clara County prosecutor Alaleh Kianerci.

The two men on bikes leaped into action and chased the 6’2″, 165-pound student athlete down as he tried to flee the scene of the alleged assault, pinning him while a third person called police.

The allegations came as a shock back in Dayton, where Turner was an Ohio state swimming champion and record-holder who competed in the trials for the 2012 Olympics.

“It’s very tragic and he’s a wonderful, wonderful young man,” said Turner’s former high school swim coach Jennifer Jervis said. “He’s an All-American kid. They are like family to me.”

Jervis also said that “I can tell you nothing but good things” about Turner whom she described as “upstanding.”

But the upstanding teenager has now been charged with rape of an intoxicated person, rape of an unconscious person, sexual penetration by a foreign object of an intoxicated woman, sexual penetration by a foreign object of an unconscious woman and finally, one count of assault with intent to commit rape. He could face up to 10 years behind bars if convicted.

The Stanford University swimmer has not only been kicked off the swim team, but has “voluntarily” left the university and will not be allowed back on campus in any capacity after the rape charges, a Stanford spokesperson said.