‘Battlefield Hardline’ Open Beta Hits Next Week With Three Modes Of Play

Battlefield Hardline is PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players one last chance to form an impression of the cops versus robbers shooter before it releases in March. Electronic Arts and Visceral Games announced the dates for the open beta on all platforms on Thursday, revealing a chance to try our three modes of play on three different maps for a week.

The Battlefield Hardline beta will launch on Tuesday, February 3 and run all the way through Monday, February 8. The beta will be open to all PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC owners. The game will a 10 to 11 GB download on the new consoles and PC, while last-gen consoles will have a 4 GB download. Pre-loading will be available through the Origin client on PCs starting Monday, February 2 at 1 p.m. ET.

The Hardline beta will feature the 64-player Conquest mode that is a Battlefield staple. Conquest and the new Hotwire mode will both be playable on the “Dust Bowl” map while the latter mode will also be playable on the “Downtown” map. The third mode is Heist and will feature a team of 16 players trying to break into a bank vault while 16 cops try to stop them on the Bank Job map. Hacker mode is also being introduced in the Battlefield Hardline beta and is similar to the Commander mode from Battlefield 4 and will be available in all three gameplay modes. Hackers will be able to take control of security cameras to monitor areas of the maps where they can direct the other players to attack or defend.

There will be no level or progression cap of any kind during the beta. All weapons, gear, and gadgets will be unlockable in the Hardline beta. However, everything that you unlock in the beta will not carry over to the full game when it releases on March 17.

“There’s nothing more valuable to our team than the relationship we have with our community. Their passion feeds our passion and their feedback has definitely helped make Hardline a better game,” said Steve Papoutsis, General Manager of Visceral Games and Executive Producer of Battlefield Hardline, in a press release. “We want them to play the hell out of the beta next week and trust that they’ll keep that feedback coming so we can continue to fine tune the game.”

This will be the first of two big first-person shooters from Electronic Arts for 2015. Star Wars: Battlefront was confirmed for a release later this year as Inquisitrreported.

Will you be giving the Battlefield Hardline beta a try? Which platform will you be playing, and what are you looking forward to? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via Battlefield]