Want To Work With John Legend?

How would you like to work with John Legend? Thanks to AXE, you may just get the chance.

The men’s styling products’ website says, “It takes more than talent to make it.”

And Legend and AXE are willing to offer you more.

Legend has joined with AXE and Spin to find the next great musical superstar. Legend has joined AXE White Label as one of their mentors. The program “gives up-and-coming artists and creators the tools they need to take their talent to the next level,” according to Latina.

So how exactly can you get the chance to work with John Legend? All you need to do if you’re an aspiring musician is to create a 60-second video of an “original performance” and submit it to the AXE White Label Collective. The top five winners will be the extremely lucky ones, getting to “work with John Legend as a mentor.”

Those top five winners won’t just get to work with the “All Of You” singer as a mentor, but will also get to perform at an AXE White Label special event, SXSW, and will be featured in Spin.

Legend and AXE’s program has taken on the hasthag “#TaketTheLeap” to inspire musicians. In a video for AXE, Legend says, “With the right guidance, those risks can lead to big opportunities.”

Legend shared his own #TakeTheLeap moment with fans in the form of a letter.

In this letter, Legend wrote, “In 1998, I was a typical college student, but knew I had a talent that I was passionate to share with the world. I knew if I were ever to get my moment, I had to be ready to step up to that big stage.”

And Legend has certainly had his moment. The piano playing singer was just recently nominated for an Academy Award for his song with rapper Common, “Glory.” The two will also perform it at the actual award ceremony.

While the singer and songwriter has experienced much success and learned so much since his very first album, 2004’s Get Lifted, went platinum, John Legend is willing to share his expertise aspiring musicians everywhere.

[Photo Courtesy of Lunchbox Studios]