Calum Hood: 5 Seconds Of Summer Star Risks A Fireball At Gas Station

Calum Hood turned 19-years-old earlier this week, but the 5 Seconds Of Summer star is living proof that getting older does not necessarily mean getting wiser. The young Australian heartthrob put his own life and the lives of others at risk by lighting up a cigarette while pumping gasoline at a fuel station in Sydney, Australia.

The Daily Mail reports that Calum Hood ignored the “No Smoking” signs plastered all over the gas station, and he was photographed drawing on his lit cigarette while standing right next to the gas pump. Calum’s fans may have leapt to his defense, but smoking in a gas station is an incredibly dangerous thing to do.

A warning on oil giant BP’s website safety page states, “Petrol [gasoline] is a volatile, highly flammable liquid that gives off vapors. It’s important to never smoke, light a match or stub a cigarette out, especially around pumps or fuel containers. You also shouldn’t leave cigarettes burning in your car’s ashtray.”

BP also warns that use of a cellphone or even leaving your engine running while pumping gas can cause an explosion, as the volatile vapors can easily be ignited by a stray spark.

According to Unreality TV, a spokesperson for the fire service said, “Smoking a cigarette at a petrol station is incredibly dangerous and it could take a lot less than five seconds to engulf yourself and others in flames. Ten fires a week are caused by smoking and we hope that no impressionable young people follow Calum’s poor example.”

Jonathan Moran, writing in the Daily Telegraph, attacked Calum Hood’s actions, saying, “Calum Hood broke the rules and he’s lucky a fireball wasn’t the result. It was a stupid thing to do, not only for his safety but more importantly for the other people around him. Everyone knows petrol is flammable so to light up a cigarette at a petrol station is plain dumb.”

He may only be 19-years-old, but Calum knows he is in the public eye. 5 Seconds Of Summer supported One Direction while they toured in Australia last year, so Calum will doubtless have learned that when you are in the public eye, you will be criticized if you do dumb things.

Calum’s fans defended his actions pointing out that he is a young guy and people should cut him some slack. Doubtless Calum had no intention of causing danger to himself or anyone else. No one denies that these young men are subject to incredible pressure when they achieve so much so young. At least Calum’s thoughtless actions did not have tragic consequences.

Hopefully, Calum Hood will learn a valuable lesson from the furor his actions have caused.

[Image – Getty/Popcrush]