‘Bachelor’ 2015 Spoilers: Chris Soules’ Date With Frontrunner Sparks New Villain In Episode 5

ABC is teasing that Episode 5 of The Bachelor 2015 season with Chris Soules is a game-changer and that everything explodes. Viewers already have a few Bachelor spoilers regarding the February 2 episode, but new teasers are out and it sounds as if this will most definitely be a wild one. What can fans expect?

The network teases Bachelor spoilers that Carly Waddell gets the first one-on-one date of the episode that involves an awkward meeting with a “Love Guru.” This will put these two in a very different place from where their relationship has been thus far, but it seems that it will go well enough to leave her with a rose.

Nine of the ladies join Chris Soules on a white water rafting trip, and apparently one of the ladies falls overboard into the cold water. Later, the crew relaxes at a hotel, but one lady crashes the party hoping to earn another shot at Soules’ roses. Previous Bachelor spoilers via Reality Steve indicate that the gal won’t get too far in her quest though.

Britt Nilsson gets her one-on-one date that starts after Soules sneaks into her hotel room early in the morning. Their hot air balloon date is a romantic one, despite Britt’s fear of heights. The two have a passionate night after the balloon ride, including a nap for them in Chris’ hotel room before she rejoins the ladies. This sparks intense jealousy from the other bachelorettes.

A Bachelor sneak peek from E! Online shows Nilsson returning from her date and gushing about it to the other ladies. She’s sharing a lot of details, and all of her oversharing is clearly having a negative impact on the other ladies. Britt has been a frontrunner since the first day of filming, and it seems that this date really put her back up in front once again.

Kelsey Poe showed a bit of her negative side in Episode 4 and it seems she cranks things up a notch now in Episode 5. Chris Harrison has previous teased Bachelor spoilers that she becomes a divisive figure in the house in this next episode, and there are some sneak peeks showing pieces of that.

After Britt gushes about her time with Chris, Kelsey sneaks off to Soules’ room to get some one-on-one time for herself. She opens up about her past, surely about her former husband’s death, in hopes to connect with Chris.

However, it seems that when it comes to the cocktail party and rose ceremony, Poe worries that her earlier strategy will backfire. It appears that she has a panic attack and faints or collapses during the evening cocktail party. ABC teases that there is a stunning twist that brings the party to a screeching halt, and this surely refers to the clips shown in Bachelor spoiler previews of Kelsey on the floor with a medic over her.

Which ladies will get roses and which ones will be sent home? Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that both Mackenzie and Samantha will be sent home whereas the remaining nine ladies will go on to South Dakota with Chris Soules for Episode 6.

Chris Soules says he’s found love, and Reality Steve’s spoilers say he is engaged. Will it all play out the way that fans expect? Viewers can’t wait to find out as ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season plays out on Monday nights.

[Image via Lewis Jacobs/ABC]