‘RHOA’ Star Kandi Burruss Claims Things Have Changed: Mama Joyce To Blame?

Kandi Burruss has been filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta for several years now, and she knows what is required of her when it comes to sharing her personal life on the show. Kandi has never really held back, as she has shared her struggles to get over AJ after his death, her struggles to get her mother to accept Todd Tucker as her future husband, and Burruss recently opened up about their luck in regards to getting pregnant.

Even though Kandi Burruss loves Todd, her mother could not get past the point that Kandi had made more money than Todd. In fact, Burruss’ mother really wanted her to marry a man who had at least just as much money as Kandi has. Mama Joyce didn’t want Kandi to be taken advantage of, and she immediately felt that Tucker was going after Kandi for her money.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report,The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is now revealing that things have changed in her family, and Mama Joyce is indeed to blame for this positive change in attitude. Apparently, she is now accepting Kandi’s choice to marry Todd.

“She has come around. Seriously,” says Kandi of her mother, adding, “Things have gotten a lot better lately. They are communicating a lot better. She is being a lot more supportive.”

Her change in attitude could have something to do with Kandi Burruss’ potential new income, as Todd has gotten some new work. Apparently, Tucker has been working as the executive producer on Hollywood Divas, so he is bringing in some money to the house. In addition, her change in attitude could have something to do with Todd’s sudden loss of his mother, who recently passed away.

Even Mama Joyce herself has said that she wants nothing more than for Kandi Burruss to be happy, even if it is with Todd. To keep the peace, she skipped Sharon Tucker’s funeral, according to the Inquisitr.

“I want my child to be happy and I didn’t want her to be taken advantage of. I wanted Kandi to marry somebody that had as much as she did,” she revealed.

And it sounds like Burruss is settling the drama around her. Not only at home, but also with Tameka Raymond. The two had been arguing a little after Kandi named Usher as her crush a few years back. He just so happens to be Tameka’s ex-husband.

What do you think about Kandi Burruss’ positive changes in the home?

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