Snapchat ‘Best Friends’ Gone: List Of Best Friends Feature Removed — But It’s Coming Back So The Stalking Can Continue

I had to just check my iPhone to see if I’ve ever downloaded the Snapchat app that’s so popular with teenagers. Shopkick, yes. InstaQuote, yes. TimerCam, yes. Snapchat? Yes, apparently I have, as witnessed by the little “download this app from the cloud” icon of a cloud with a downward arrow that surfaced when I searched for the Snapchat app on the iTunes App Store.

But, apparently, I’ve never used it. That’s why the removal of the Snapchat “best friends” feature — or “best friends” list, as it were — doesn’t mean much to me. However, the Snapchat update that removed “best friends” was upsetting to plenty of teens, reports ABC News‎.

Never fear, Snapchat users. Snapchat is bringing their “best friends” list back, reports the Guardian (via MSN), after there arose such an outcry among Snapchat users on Twitter and other places. This ultimately reminded developers of the app how much their users love using the list to spy on their best friends.

Snapchat’s most recent update that dropped the best friends lists was apparently more beloved than the company realized, because Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel told users on Tuesday that the “best friends” feature would return to Snapchat. We don’t know when it will come back and how the new “best friends” feature will look, but Spiegel said they took away best friends because “a few higher-profile friends wanted to keep their usernames private.” However, the best friends feature would be back in a new form. So keep checking those app update notifications to learn when they bring “best friends” back to Snapchat.

A search for “Snapchat Best Friends” on Twitter turns up results that jokingly display memes about the desperate ways that certain folks wanted to use the best friends feature to spy on their mates, by clicking a series of options in Snapchat in hopes to discover their significant other’s best friends list.

1. Open Snapchat

2. Press the ghost on the top middle

3. Go to “my contacts”

4. Click on his name

5. Click settings next to his name

6. Click the home button on your phone

7. Turn off your phone

8. Go outside and realize show stupid you look trying to do all this extra “ish” just to find out his best friends.

Quit being a psycho girlfriend. SMH.

Well, those “psycho girlfriends” are probably plenty happy the best friends feature is coming back to Snapchat. It’s probably better than using Snapchat to bully others, as a father recently discovered when his daughter was getting bullied via Snapchat, and his video about the topic caused him to lose his job, as reported by the Inquisitr.

[Image via Snapchat/Mashable]