‘American Sniper’ Attacked By Pro-Islam Group: Letter Demands Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper Denounce Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

American Sniper has received an overwhelming number of mixed opinions since its worldwide release on January 16. The film has been analyzed and scrutinized due to a number of claims and misconceptions. Now, there’s reportedly another allegation that has sparked controversy. The Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee is citing anti-Muslim rhetoric in the film.

Apparently, many Muslims aren’t pleased with the nature of the film, and they are blaming the film for the recent rise in hate crimes and threats toward Muslim people. A number of media outlets, including BBC News, have touched on the alleged rise in anti-Muslim threats following the release of the biographical war drama film.

However, Brietbart recently confirmed that the reports were based on a media hoax. While many viewers have taken to Twitter with comments about the depiction of Muslims in the film, the rumors about anti-Muslim threats were debunked.

According to the Washington Post, ADC president Samer Khalaf wrote the letter, which was addressed to the film’s director, Clint Eastwood, and American Sniper star Bradley Cooper. The group is reportedly demanding that Eastwood and Cooper denounce the anti-Muslim rhetoric they feel is a result of the film’s war-inspired content.

Since the two have public leverage where the film is concerned, the ADC feels their denouncement would greatly impact the public response to Muslims.

“Your visibility, influence, and connection to the film would be a tremendous force in drawing attention to and lessening the serious dangers facing the respective communities,” Khalaf wrote.

Khalaf went on to cite the conflicting issues that the group feels has contributed to the alleged increase in anti-Muslim threats and “Islamophobic tensions,” reports Mediaite.

“ADC takes these threats seriously and is reaching out to you in an effort to help reduce the hateful rhetoric,” the ADC wrote. “It is our opinion that you could play a significant role in assisting us in alleviating the danger we are facing. I am asking if you are willing to make a statement against the violent rhetoric being exhibited. The statement should make it clear that we cannot tolerate hate and bigotry here in America.”

On Tuesday, January 27, Warner Bros. released an official statement in response to the ADC’s letter. The film studio “denounces any violent, anti-Muslim rhetoric, including that which has been attributed to viewers of ‘American Sniper.’ Hate and bigotry have no place in the important dialogue that this picture has generated about the veteran experience.”

However, USA Today reports Eastwood and Cooper have not yet responded to the letter or the allegations.

[Image via Reel.World]