‘RHOA’ Star Kim Zolciak Goes Cold On Twitter: What Happened?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak is usually very active social media. Zolciak will often share pictures of her children, her husband, and even her bikini body, as she has managed to get herself back in shape after having twins. But then, suddenly in January, her Twitter account went silent.

Fans were wondering what happened to Kim Zolciak. There had been some speculations that she was keeping quiet because she was filming the newest season of Don’t Be Tardy, but it is odd that more than a week would pass. It was as if Kim wanted a break from social media. But she is now back, and Zolciak has explained her absence.

According to a new tweet, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak is now revealing that it was a technical problem that prevented her from posting on Twitter. Fans that follow her on other social media networks may have seen her posting some pictures on Instagram, but for those on Twitter, Kim was missing.

“You’re back online! THANK GOD IVE BEEN MISSING YOU,” one follower wrote to Kim when she started adding pictures 12 hours ago, which had Zolciak replying, “I can’t remember my password to put twitter on my new phone.”

But just because Kim Zolciak hasn’t been on Twitter doesn’t mean that nothing has happened in her home. In fact, plenty of things have happened. According to the Inquisitr, it sounds like Kim and her husband took a quick vacation away from Atlanta, as she shared a picture of them playing cards with one another. Plus, Kim was trying on bikinis a few days prior to that, hinting that they were going away.

And Zolciak’s son, KJ, has found a new passion. Apparently, he loves cooking up a storm with the family’s chef, so he is learning quite a bit for his young age.

“My little Chef Kj!!! He is obsessed with cooking! @cheftraceybloom has taught him soooo much Kj LOVES the show Master Chef Junior (he said he will be on that show someday) I BELIEVE #KjIsPerfection,” Kim has revealed about her son, who was chopping up a fish.

It sounds like things are very exciting in the Zolciak-Biermann home, even though she hasn’t been on Twitter for over a week. Maybe she is trying to keep things under wraps if she is filming the newest season of Don’t Be Tardy. Fans are eager to see her and her family back on the small screen soon.

What do you think of Kim Zolciak’s absence from social media? Did you miss her?

[Image via Bravo]