Plastic Surgeon: Smoke and Your Nipples May Fall Off [Video]

Hey Ladies, if you are thinking about getting plastic surgery, make sure you stop smoking first. Dr. Anthony Youn, one of the foremost plastic surgeons in the country says women who have breast lifts may find that their nipples pay the ultimate price.

Youn told CNN Health that the issue becomes that the toxins in cigarettes prevent blood flow to extremities including the nipples. Due to a lack of capillary blood flow, he has actually witnessed patients having to have their entire nipples removed.

Youn told CNN,

“I cringe every time I see a patient for a breast lift who is a smoker. I’m deathly afraid that despite my warnings, she will smoke before or after surgery and cause her nipples to turn black and fall off. I’ve seen it before. The nicotine and carbon monoxide are the main culprits. When these are inhaled and introduced to the blood stream, they act as a “virtual tourniquet” disrupting the healing process after surgery”

Youn said that these women come to him with their nipples purple and then soon after they turn black due to the buildup of blood.

He said one of the treatments he has used is leeches to remove the blood.

Smoking affects other areas of the body after surgeries also. After tummy tucks, where infections are common at the incision site smoking reduces blood flow and therefore reduce the body’s natural healing processes.

Youn said patients who smoke face the same problems after having facelifts too telling CNN,

“If you are having a facelift and you smoke, the skin of your cheek could turn black and slough off, leaving exposed fat”

The National Institutes of Health also supports Youn’s positions saying that women who smoke should be ineligible for boob jobs and tummy tucks.

Would you risk a cigarette after a boob job?

Watch Dr. Youn’s interview on CNN.