Dame Dash Enters The Ring In The Jay Z And Funkmaster Flex Beef

Dame Dash has a little something to add to the beef between Jay Z and radio personality Funkmaster Flex. The fight started when Flex accused Jay of stealing "the blueprint of his digital app under the guise of an interview," according to BET.

So what interview is he referring to? A writer from Jay's site Life & Style asked to interview Flex apparently about an app that he was developing.

Flex won't have anything to do with Jay or his site at this point, saying, "The site is trash, a bunch of dumb big pictures and no numbers. Y'all can't move with me in this digital space."

And it only got worse.

So whose side is Dame Dash on?

Dash has said that he can't really be "objective" because of his relationships with both Jay Z and Flex, according to Complex.

Dash then made his feelings very clear when he said, "This was the coolest I've ever seen Funkmaster Flex," claiming that the moves Flex made were "strategic."

Dash then added, "I just never seen him stunt on anybody like that before... putting a mentality that no one needs Jay anymore."

So how does Dash feel about Jay's response? Wait, that's right, Jay Z has not responded, and according to Dash, Jay "can't." And why "can't" Jay Z respond?

According to Dash, Jay is a businessman, he's "corporate."

Dash went so far as to say, "Jay has signed on to a corporate way of doing business, the corporate way of doing things is don't bring more attention to more stuff."

Is that supposed to be an insult or a compliment?

This feud between Jay and Flex has publicly been going for a few weeks now, although Flex claims there have been longstanding issues. Flex claims that while at Jay-Z's 40/40 club, he was not allowed to play what he wanted. At Jay's club, he was approached by "a security guard" who "told me to change the record."

Flex added, "We was gonna wear you out in that club that night."

Even though Dame Dash has entered the ring, it appears that Jay Z and Funkmaster Flex won't be ending the feud anytime soon.

[Photo Courtesy of BET]