January 29, 2015
'Scandal' Spoilers: Season 4 Return Brings Big Answers And Big Changes

Scandal is back with new episodes beginning Thursday night, and fans are dying to get going with Olivia Pope and the rest of the gang again. Liv is missing, and there is no doubt that everybody will be scrambling to figure out just where she is. What Scandal spoilers are available for the January 29 episode?

Season 4 picks up again with Episode 10 titled "Run." Viewers won't have missed a thing as this show picks up right where the fall finale left off. In fact, it seems it will even mix in some segments that go back in time slightly, and Olivia's abduction will be shown from her point of view according to Scandal spoilers from TV Guide.

Show creator Shonda Rhimes tends to keep Scandal spoilers very close to the vest, but she's offering up some goods already on this one. Fans won't be left hanging regarding who took Liv or why. Rhimes shares with TVLine that this is something that will play out for a while, so there will be no quick and tidy recovery of Olivia.

As the Inquisitr has shared, someone new to the show took Pope, but fans will quickly see that Andrew Nichols and Elizabeth North are behind it. Portia de Rossi, who plays North, teased via Entertainment Tonightwhat her character is involved in and promised, "There's more to come."

"What I'm reading now, and what we're doing that will air at the end of the month, it's kind of amazing," de Rossi shared. "[It's] very exciting."

While fans may quickly find out who took Olivia and why, what they may not see right away is just how big an impact this has on her. Rhimes teases that the abduction will take Olivia in a different direction, and it's a big left turn for the audience. She says that the show is still Scandal, but it seems that Pope will be forever changed by this latest twist.

Rhimes goes so far as to say that this is probably her favorite episode they've ever done, and it's probably her favorite episode she's written out of everything she's done. Given the work that Rhimes has done in the past, that's setting the bar quite high.

Scott Foley teased Scandal spoilers via TV Guide that things get even more complicated in this Season 4 return, beyond what Andrew could have anticipated. Foley adds that the writers always shock him, but he did not see what's coming in this episode. He teases that while it's not necessarily shocking, it's a smart play, and it sounds like it will be quite the show for fans to watch.

Other Scandal spoilers indicate that Olivia will be missing for at least the first two episodes, and everybody will be united in trying to find her. It seems Pope will return a changed woman, but in what way? It sounds as if the second half of Season 4 will be a wild and intriguing one, and fans can't wait to tune in to see it. Scandal airs Thursday nights on ABC.

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