Sarah Jessica’s Mole is Out of the Picture

As if Sarah Jessica Parker could make a real difference on her general visage with the removal of her chin mole! I thought she was unapologetically odd-yet-hot (even though that’s not what Maxim said) and now she’s blowing it for anyone who’s trying to make it without a little boost. It would have been better if a source hadn’t blown the mystery by confirming that “Yes, she’s had it removed” and that “There was no reason for it. It wasn’t because she didn’t like her mole, and it wasn’t because of any medical reason. It was simply because she was in the mood to have it removed. That’s all” to

Despite the tell-tale dot left on her chin after New York’s 79th MLB All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium (see above), the bulk of the mole– that had been considered to be the mark of “wonderful Halloween witch” by critic Rex Reed– was gone. After all this time, why now?

Image: Reuters