‘Parenthood’ Spoilers: Series Finale Brings ‘Beautiful, Perfect Ending’ For Braverman Fans

Though fans would surely love to see Parenthood go on for many more seasons, the series finale airs Thursday night on NBC, and it is time to say goodbye to the Braverman family. There are many theories floating around about what’s slated to go down, but there is one thing known for certain: tissues will be needed. What Parenthood spoilers are available for the January 29 finale?

Zap2It confirms what has been teased for months: there is a death ahead in the series finale. Many were hoping, per earlier teases, that perhaps a Braverman would come close to, but escape, death. It seems show writer Sarah Watson has confirmed that someone dies, and it is said to be cathartic, expected, and unexpected all at the same time.

Who dies? Zeek Braverman is the most obvious possibility, considering the health problems he has faced this season. He’s been preparing for the possibility, as has the family. It is known that Sarah will walk down the aisle to wed Hank in this finale, a wedding she put together quickly because she was afraid if she waited that her father wouldn’t be there.

Plus, those with the show have talked about the circle of life. Viewers saw last week that Amber named her baby boy Zeek after his great-grandfather, and family patriarch Zeek got to hold his namesake. While fans don’t want to see the character of Zeek die, it would definitely be the most expected passing. Anybody else in the family dying would come as a pretty big shock.

Parenthood spoilers via the Inquisitr have noted that there is a time jump mixed into this finale. It is said that about three years will pass between the beginning and end of the final episode. While there clearly will be devastating loss and sadness in this episode with a character death, there are happy times as well.

As TVLine notes, the family is together for this final episode, something that everybody with the show eagerly anticipated. It’s known that Haddie is back, and it seems even Ryan returns as well. Something big comes along for Joel and Julia, though exactly what that is remains under wraps for now.

Show writer Sarah Watson teases a Parenthood spoiler that what she’s most anxious for viewers to see is the very last shot of the series finale. She says the writers have known for a long time what that would be, and she is very pleased with how the show concludes. She adds that she feels it’s a beautiful and perfect ending.

As TV Guide notes, this series finale is titled “May God Bless and Keep You Always.” Obviously, there will be quite a bit of time spent on Sarah and Hank’s wedding, but viewers will see Amber with baby Zeek as well. There is Joel and Julia’s storyline yet to tackle, and Kristina will present a plan for the future to Adam. Naturally, there will be time devoted to Crosby and Jasmine as well.

Somewhere in there will be that big character death, then likely the time jump. Many theorize that the ending shot may well be the family, sans Zeek or whichever character dies. Everybody will be together and embracing family time once again, showing that indeed life goes on and can still be filled with joy and happiness after loss.

Fans don’t want to say goodbye to the Braverman family, but if they have to, Parenthood spoilers for Thursday’s finale certainly make it sound as if it will be a grand farewell.

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