Nicole Richie And Cameron Diaz Become Sisters-In-Law, Share Diets, Dogs, And Dudes [Video]

What do petite Nicole Richie and tall Cameron Diaz have in common? They’re now officially sisters-in-law, the result of Cameron’s marriage to Benji Madden. With Nicole married to Benji’s twin Joel, the two have quickly become close friends, reported In Style.

Both women like to share everything without a filter. Diaz used her Body Book as a way to broadcast her views on everything from hair-down-there to poop, while Nicole has her show Candidly Nicole to air her thoughts on topics such as “tramp stamp” tattoos, below.

Both women have admitted being obsessed about dieting. Cameron discussed her views on her low-carb diet in her book. Nicole is gluten-free, but also has a sweet tooth, as she revealed during a rapping session on – what else? – gummy worms.

And then there’s their shared love of dudes with the last name Madden. Although Cameron and Benji went on a private honeymoon, they celebrated their return to California with a family brunch with Nicole and Joel, reported Us Weekly magazine.

Joining the celebratory meal were Nicole’s and Joel’s children seven-year-old Harlow and six-year-old Sparrow.

Cameron and Nicole were friends prior to the wedding. The two frequently walk their dogs together, reported the Daily Mail.

But in addition to the fun, Nicole is a serious businesswoman. She took her original House Of Harlow 1960 jewelery line and expanded it into a clothing ensemble. Richie said her ultimate goal is to achieve a lifestyle brand, drawing inspiration from European style.

As for Cameron, her latest acting accomplishment has been acknowledged with a Razzie nomination for Worst Actress, reported People magazine. The “honor” is based on her performance in The Other Woman and Sex Tape.

But in 2015, the Razzies (officially named the Golden Raspberry Awards) aren’t all bad, said founder John Wilson. A new award called the Razzie Redeemer Award celebrates those whose careers and reputations were restored in notable movies.

Jennifer Aniston has been nominated for the new Razzie Redeemer category. As the Inquisitr reported, Aniston’s role in Cake was lauded by critics.

However, because Jennifer failed to get a much-coveted Oscar nomination, her chances of winning other awards such as a Screen Actors Guild award rapidly fell flat. She did, however, emphasize that she cherished the opportunity to stretch beyond her previous role’s limitations to play a woman wrought with physical and emotional pain as well as an addiction.

“For me it felt like I was going back to acting class,” she declared.

In addition to that Razzie nomination, Aniston earned both Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild award nominations.

[Photo By China Photos/Getty Images]