Diabetes Symptoms: Here Is What You Need To Know About Diabetes And Weight Loss

Diabetes symptoms are oftentimes very hard to miss. Some signs of the disease, like frequent thirst or urination, can easily be detected just by sheer observation and self-awareness. However, as Inquisitr had previously discussed, there are also many other symptoms of diabetes that are much more difficult to spot than the rest.

Weight loss can be one of the more subtle symptoms of diabetes. Because loss of pounds can be attributed to just about any condition out there, a lot of people don’t become too alarmed — and some even celebrate it — when they begin shedding pounds for no apparent reason. However, unexplained weight loss can be one of the most alarming symptoms of the disease, and experts advise not to ignore this major diabetes symptom.

What exactly separates diabetes-related weight loss from your normal weight loss? Under normal circumstances, a significant loss of pounds does not occur over a very short span of time. Women’s Health Mag writes that in general conditions, it is almost impossible for people to healthily shed more than four pounds a week. This would also depend on a few factors, like a person’s starting weight, for example. People who begin at a higher weight tend to see more of a decrease than others. However, under healthy situations (proper diet and exercise factored in), people should be able to shed no more than four pounds a week.

On the other hand, weight loss caused by diabetes is often very drastic and very sudden. Doctors say that with factors such as age and caloric intake already considered, the weight of a person remains relatively constant during middle age. Losing a few pounds from time to time is common across different age groups. However, significant amounts of shedding during a short span of time is definitely a cause for alarm. According to diabetes.co.uk, losing at least 10 pounds, or more than 4 kilos, without dietary changes or engagement in fitness regimens might be a symptom of diabetes.

Recent data from the Center for Disease Control confirms that around 29 million in the United States currently suffer from diabetes. That is at least 9 percent of the total population of the country. Of the 29 million, as much as one-third, or 8.1 million, are undiagnosed. Many of the undiagnosed often ignore or refuse to acknowledge diabetes symptoms, such as the ones mentioned above.

Scientists are slowly finding more innovative ways to learn and treat the deadly condition. A recently published study reported by Science Daily shows the potential efficacy of probiotics — living bacteria that are good for the body — in treating diabetes.

If you believe you or your loved one manifest one or more of the diabetes symptoms mentioned above, visit a specialist immediately.

[Image from Allan Foster/Flickr]