Kate Middleton Takes William And Harry To Caribbean Island For Mother’s 60th Birthday Bash

Kate Middleton has reportedly traveled to the Caribbean island of Mustique, along with husband Prince William and baby Prince George, to celebrate the 60th birthday of her mother, Carole Middleton.

The royals reportedly flew out to the island some time last week in order to prepare for the massive party, which is set to take place at a five-star property called Villa Rocina.

Without wanting to put a dampener on the festivities, the royal security detail are taking no chances when it comes to Kate Middleton and the princes, and there are a number of people absent from the guest list, including Carole’s son James and daughter Pippa’s better halves, television presenter Donna Air and stockbroker Nico Jackson.

For that matter, Carole’s own brother, Gary Goldsmith, wasn’t invited either, and according to a Daily Mail report, he was in fact snubbed by his sister for “personal reasons.”

As an insider told reporters, “It’s just a question of protocol really. It’s a bit of a family lockdown as it always is when William and Kate are involved.”

Despite that, the current visit is thought to be the last trip abroad Kate Middleton will take before she gives birth in April, as she enters the sixth month of her second pregnancy.

As was to be expected, the media has been full of speculation and rumors surrounding the gender of the baby. One publication, for example, Hello! Magazine, reported that the Duchess is having a girl, possibly even for sure.

To that end, they cited the editor-in-chief of Netmums, Cathy Ranson.

“The Duchess of Cambridge is one of those lucky women who look effortless and elegant right through pregnancy. She remained very slender while carrying Prince George, almost right up to the end, but with her second child, she appears slightly softer, curvier and fuller in the face. And according to old wives’ tales about pregnancy, this could indicate she’s carrying a girl. Recent pictures show the Duchess looking blooming with more rounded hips than her previous pregnancy, which is another so-called sign.”

While that is Ranson’s take on the gender of the royal baby, the International Business Times reported that, according to a source, Kate is having a boy.

“Based on what Kate has been wearing since her return to the public eye, some believe that she is having another boy. There has been a lot of blue and black in her wardrobe lately, and some say that it could be an early mother’s intuition poking through. Other style watchers will tell you that Kate has favored the color blue since Prince William presented her with his mother’s sapphire ring.”

With conflicting reports, the fact is that no one really has a clue whether Kate Middleton is having a boy or a girl, not even her, according to numerous media outlets. The main thing for her is that the baby will have an easy birth and be healthy and happy.