WWE Teasing The Return Of Three Legendary Tag-Teams

At this past Sunday’s Royal Rumble, WWE and ECW legend Bubba Ray Dudley made a surprise return. According to Dave Metlzer of the Wrestling Observer, Bubba Ray’s return was just a one-time deal, but Bubba Ray is open to returning to the company on a more regular basis if WWE offers him the right deal.

When Bubba Ray returned at the Rumble, the fans in attendance wanted to also see the return of his tag-team partner D-Von Dudley. Unfortunately WWE decided to not bring D-Von back, and had R-Truth do all of D-Von’s spots in the Rumble match.

Now it appears that WWE.com is teasing the return of not only the Dudley Boyz, but two other legendary tag-teams — Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas [The World’s Greatest Tag-Team] and Matt and Jeff Hardy [The Hardy Boyz] — with the idea that they would all face WWE’s newest tag-team The Ascension at some point.

As of right now Jeff and Matt Hardy are both working for TNA. Both of the Hardy’s appeared on Jim Ross’s podcast a while back, and were asked if they would ever consider returning to WWE. Both of them said that they would love to, but it would have to be on a part-time basis.

Charlie Haas was last seen wrestling for Ring of Honor, and as of this moment, Haas is retired, and wants to be a full-time husband and father. Haas did have some neck issues that led to his WWE exit in February of 2010, but those issues did not lead to his decision to retire from professional wrestling. If WWE decides to give Haas one last run with his longtime tag-team partner Shelton Benjamin, now is the time as Haas is 42 years old, and will turn 43 this coming March.

Shelton Benjamin is currently working for New Japan Pro Wrestling, but several months ago it was reported that WWE was attempting to acquire the trademark on Benjamin’s name. Many WWE fans believed this meant that Benjamin would be returning to WWE at some point in the near future, possibly at the Royal Rumble. However, Benjamin has not yet returned, and the rumors of him returning to WWE have died down over the past couple of months.

WWE does want to bring back a legendary tag-team to face The Ascension at WrestleMania. Furthermore, WWE’s plan for The Ascension going forward is to have them compete in “squash matches” on TV, and have them wrestle a tag-team from the past at every pay-per-view. There have been rumors that WWE will bring back Demolition to face The Ascension at WrestleMania 31, however that is highly unlikely as Bill Eadie [Ax] is 67, and Barry Darsow [Smash] is 55.

[Image via WWE]