Nokia Expected To Sell 37 Million Smartphones In 2012

Nokia has been announcing new phones, particularly the Lumia 900, and there’s high hopes for the company this year. They’re betting all their cards on Windows Phone and plan on bringing out a better line of smartphones in 2012.

Competition with Samsung is heating up, especially considering the CEO, Choi Gee-sung, said that they’re confident they will outsell Nokia this year which is definitely a possibility considering the success of their Galaxy Tablets and smartphones.

Via AllThingsD:

“Indeed, Morgan Stanley expects shipments of Nokia’s new Windows Phones to hit 37 million units in 2012, and 64 million units in 2013.”

Can Nokia pull it off? It all depends. Their line of Windows phones did okay last year, but not the greatest. It is the beginning of the year after all and hopes tend to be the highest at the start.

There’s a tremendous amount of competition in the space. Android, iOS, and RIM (in that order) are the top 3 in terms of market share, with Nokia behind at around 1% market share which was pretty steady all through 2011.

With the maker of BlackBerry continually declining, there is a good chance that if Nokia and Microsoft pull off a great partnership, they could potentially surpass RIM this year which, frankly, wouldn’t be too difficult if they can hit their numbers and if more people continue to flock over to other phones, as they have been doing for a while now.

“We’ve got a lot of room to go in selling Windows Phones,” CEO Steve Ballmer said during his remarks at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this week. “But I feel very much like the work we’re doing is really going to pay off.”