‘League of Legends’ Music Volume 1 Now Available For Free Download

Ever wanted to experience League of Legends on the go, no matter where you are? Your wait is now over.

Riot Games has released The Music of League of Legends Vol 1 via iTunes, Google Play and directly from their site. If going through Apple or Google’s stores you will need to pay for the music, but going directly through the League of Legends site will get you the tracks for free.

The 15-track album combines “new and classic” tracks from the League universe and gives players their first chance to immerse themselves in the world without needing to simply watch a match. The tracks are offered as MP3s, but they’re in the 320kbs format, so it’s as good as an MP3 can get. League of Legends fans around the world will be happy to take a bit of the MOBA’s soundscape with them, wherever they go.

Also, thanks to the League of Legends website, players who really enjoy the music should check out Frequencies, a 46-minute long documentary on the making of the album. The documentary, available on YouTube, is a treat for any fan of the evolution of game scores, or music in general. Following the members of the League of Legends music team, Frequencies gives fans of the game some great insight on how music is created for a video game.

In addition to Frequencies, Riot has released a music video celebrating one of League of Legends most beloved champions, Amumu. The Curse of the Sad Mummy wasn’t created as part of a marketing ploy, according to composer Christian Linke. Rather, the video was created simply as a way to give back to fans of the game.

Also revealed today, thanks to Surrender at 20, the Inquisitor, Marauder and Heartseeker skins have hit the PBE, showcasing some new variations of League of Legends players’ favorite champions. Also included with the PBE update are some balance changes as well as some Tristana splash screen art.

League of Legends has become a cultural phenomenon since its release in 2009. Originally inspired by the Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the free-to-play juggernaut as gone on to become one of the world’s most played games. A flagship game in the eSports scene, League of Legends boasts more than 67 million players with an average of 7 million players active concurrently during peak hours. The game has inspired tournaments, merchandise, launched eSports careers and even branched out into the fantasy sports scene.

Make sure you head over and grab the Music of League of Legends from the website if you want it for free soon. As of now, there is no date as to when the “free” sale will end, so best not wait. Otherwise, you can download and support Riot from iTunes or the Google Play store.

[Images via Surrender at 20.]