‘Falling Skies’ Wraps Production: Get Ready To Say Good-Bye To The 2nd Mass

Falling Skies Season 5 will air this summer on TNT, but the cast wrapped production on the series on Tuesday. Fans know that the end of the series is coming, and the cast shared some photos from the final day of filming on their Twitter accounts. No one is happy that the hit TNT series is ending, but all good things must come to an end.

Not much is known about the final season of Falling Skies. CarterMatt speculated that the ending would be a hopeful ending. It would be difficult if Tom Mason and the remaining survivors of the 2nd Mass ended things on a sour note.

The production of Falling Skies Season 5 did have some issues. A security guard was killed on set back in September, according to a previous report by Inquisitr.

Even though the cast knew it was the last day of production, the tweets they sent out were not sad. Some did remark on it being the last time they would need to do something, but the cast members showed that they loved what they were doing and they were proud of how the show was ending.

Well… guess I won’t be needin’ these anymore #lastday #FallingSkies pic.twitter.com/nMDFUupY1L

— Maxim Knight (@RVRocket) January 27, 2015

#FallingSkies DP Barry Donlevy and Gaffer, Paul Slatter. #FSFinalDay pic.twitter.com/PCbM7c2WNJ

— Ken Kabatoff (@KenKabatoff) January 27, 2015

All ready for relaxing on #FSFinalDay #FallingSkies pic.twitter.com/Gccgby29bC

— Maxim Knight (@RVRocket) January 27, 2015

Drew Roy did share a small teaser about the upcoming season during an interview shared by The Permanent Rain Press on Wednesday.

“In this final season we will, as most everybody tries to do, wrap up what we have laid down. We are in the process of taking all the little strands, bringing them back together, and tying something up. Hopefully [we’ll have] a decent-looking bow at the end.”

Roy also revealed that he learned a lot during his time on the series, and he is ready to take what he has learned to other projects.

After TNT canceled Falling Skies, some fans wondered if the fact that Noah Wyle had joined a second TNT series had any impact on the decision to cancel the series.

John Rogers, the man behind Wyle’s other series, The Librarians, made it clear that Noah’s role on the second TNT series was secondary. He shared in an interview with The Roanoke Times that Noah put Falling Skies first. Filming for The Librarians had to fit in his schedule, and Rogers made that work.

With the cast sharing moments from the final day of production on Twitter, many fans expressed their sadness over the end of the series on their own Twitter accounts. Many fans made it clear that they will miss the TNT series.

What do you think? Are you ready for the end of Falling Skies? The series will return to TNT this summer.