WWE News: The Reason Why WWE Doesn’t Believe In Daniel Bryan

Since August of 2013, the WWE fans have made it obvious what they want. Since then — for the most part — WWE has blatantly ignored their fans. Why is it that WWE is ignoring their fans? Why don’t they just go with it, and make Daniel Bryan their top babyface? Well, there are several minor reasons. However, there’s one big reason — the “YES!” chant.

Most people assume WWE’s lack of confidence in Bryan has to do with his size, his look, and what they assume to be his drawing power. Those are all issues; however, the main issue is that Vince McMahon believes that the “YES!” chant is over with the fans, but Daniel Bryan is not. Why does he believe this? Well, while Daniel Bryan was out of action with an injury, his wife — Brie Bella — began doing the “YES!” chant leading up to her match at this past year’s SummerSlam with Stephanie McMahon, and the crowd would always follow Brie’s lead.

Vince McMahon wants to find the future of his company right now, hence why he’s giving Roman Reigns such a major push, even though WWE fans are telling McMahon that — at this moment — they do not want Reigns as WWE’s top guy.

Former WWE play-by-play announcer Jim Ross has suggested that WWE just goes with Daniel Bryan as their top guy for just a year or two, which would allow Roman Reigns to improve while not having the pressure of being the company’s top babyface. While that’s completely logical, Vince McMahon has made up his mind, and wants to find his franchise player right now.

Daniel Bryan suffering from a neck injury that forced him to forfeit his WWE championship didn’t do him any favors either, as WWE is concerned that if they put the WWE title back on Bryan, he’ll sustain an injury again, and they’ll have to strip him of the championship for a second year in a row.

At this point, it’s unclear what WWE’s plans are for Bryan going forward. He has a casket match coming up against Kane on tomorrow night’s live SmackDown, which many people are expecting him to win, but anything can happen. As for his WrestleMania plans, well, Dolph Ziggler has challenged him to a match on Twitter, so that could happen. The only other possible opponent as of this moment is Sheamus, who is expected to return to WWE as a heel.

[Image via WWE]