January 28, 2015
Measles Outbreak: Why California Doctor Is Allowing Kids To Avoid Measles Vaccine

A California doctor reveals why he's allowing his young patients to avoid the measles vaccine. Dr. Jay Gordon practices in Santa Monica and isn't worried about the current measles epidemic, as he tells CBS News.

"This measles outbreak does not pose a great risk to a healthy child. And quite frankly I don't think it poses any risk to a healthy child."
Dr. Gordon isn't worked up over the current measles outbreak as many are. The Inquisitr just wrote an article about a father who's even asking his son's school to ban unvaccinated kids for the boy's health because he can't get a shot for other health reasons.

CBS asked Dr. Gordon how he doesn't see it as a risk if 90 percent of unvaccinated people would be infected through contact with them.

"You just said it, they'd get measles. Not meningitis, not the plague, not Ebola, they'd get measles. Measles is almost an always a benign childhood illness."
The doctor has signed several hundred "personal belief exemptions," which lets parents bypass laws requiring vaccinations for their children. The measles outbreak isn't making a comeback, despite it not being a real problem until now, Gordon says.
"Individual parents making that decision are not the ones bringing back measles. Measles isn't coming back. We have 70 cases of measles right now and we have 30 million Californians."
There were 481,530 cases of measles throughout the U.S. that killed 408 people in 1962, just one year before the measles vaccine was introduced.

Dr. Deborah Lehman, of Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, is one of the vast majority of doctors supporting the vaccine. She explains that people don't think back to a time when children had to stay in "dark rooms because they have measles and the light hurts their eyes and developing brain swelling and serious developmental problems."

"We've given people a false sense of security and it's situations like this, outbreaks like this that really remind us of the importance of these diseases and really the benefit of vaccine."
According to the report, parents who originally opted out of getting their kids vaccinated are having second thoughts. Dr. Gordon gave 35 MMR shots on Monday, which amounts to more than the total of vaccinations he gave last year.

In an alarming report by USA Today, Arizona is seeing the measles outbreak reach a "critical point." Two more cases have been reported since Tuesday and it's feared that several hundred in the state have been exposed to measles.

[Image via CBS News]