TSA Cupcake Wasn’t Really a Cupcake; Security Defends Confiscation

When it was reported last month that the TSA confiscated a woman’s cupcake while she was going through security the internet exploded with jokes and criticism about unfair practices of the Transportation Security Administration. But the TSA defended the cupcake confiscation saying that the item in question wasn’t your typical treat.

In a blog post entitled cupcakegate, the TSA explains that a normal cupcake will most likely make it through security (although it may require additional screening), cupcakes in a jar, however, will have a tougher time in the security line.

The TSA writes:

“I wanted to make it clear that this wasn’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill cupcake… We have a policy… that limits the amount of liquids, gels and aerosols you can bring in your carry-on luggage. Icing falls under the “gel” category. As you can see from the picture, unlike a thin layer of icing that resides on the top of most cupcakes, this cupcake had a thick layer of icing inside a jar. “

The TSA says that cakes and pies are usually allowed through security but if something doesn’t seem right they could be confiscated. The TSA adds:

“Our officers are regularly briefed and trained by TSA explosives specialists on how just about any common appliance, toy or doohickey can be turned into a dangerous explosive. When you think about it, do you think an explosive would be concealed in an ominous item that would draw attention, or something as simple as a cute cupcake jar?”

A cupcake in a jar is definitely more unique than your average treat but it doesn’t make it any more dangerous. Shouldn’t the TSA be able to tell if a gel is explosive or not?

According to CNN, the couple that was trying to smuggle cupcakes onto their flight were able to get one cupcake approved by the TSA. It was the red velvet cupcake that posed a security threat.

Do you think the TSA made the right decision by keeping the cupcake off the flight? Or did a security official lack the ability to control their sweet tooth?