Desperate Housewives Ending to Be Super Secret, No Sex in the City Glitz, Cherry Says

What could possibly replace Desperate Housewives- with its lush visuals, Mary Alice’s soothing voice and the uptempo background music- when the long-running ABC nighttime soap ends it run at the close of its current season?

The show became a pop-culture sensation when it premiered in 2004, and the core cast have endured all manner of delightfully ridiculous plot machinations as the show has wended its way through eight seasons of suicides, divorces, serial killers, weddings, babies and tornadoes. But as Desperate Housewives draws ever closer to its final curtain call, creator Marc Cherry has some very vague hinting about the show’s final surprises to bestow upon fans.

Cherry says that Desperate Housewives has had to illustrate its characters far more deeply than Sex in the City, so don’t expect any big-screen Dubai trips after the finale airs, as he believes the wives of Wisteria Lane’s storylines are all tapped out. In fact, it nearly sounds like Cherry is a bit done with the whole Housewives thing:

“’Sex and The City’ only did a total of, I think, 69 episodes, so I always thought that the advantage for them was that they hadn’t really plumbed the depths of those characters. After eight years, boy, I think we’re done. And I’m happy about that. That’s not a bad thing. I feel very satisfied with where we are.”

Cherry did confirm that he plans to make an appearance in one of the show’s final episodes, but not a major one:

“Yeah, I’m gonna do a Hitchcock. And the hair and makeup people will go through more hell that day than they’ve ever gone through.”

Aside from that, the soap mastermind says don’t hold your breath for spoilers, because he’s locking them down in a major way so as not to ruin the Desperate Housewives end-of-run twists for loyal fans:

“I’m so not revealing what the end is gonna be. It’s a surprise and I’m being hyper-protective of it. No comment on that.”

Are you still watching Desperate Housewives? Do you think the series has run its course?