Katy Perry’s Father in Anti-Semitic Rant

Katy Perry’s father Keith Hudson, an evangelist preacher based in Ohio, has been accused of delivering an anti-semitic rant to his congregation.

Papa Perry apparently offended Jews in a recent sermon at the Church on the Rise in Westlake, Ohio. His weapon of choice? One of the most tiresome, cheapest stereotypes going:

“You know how to make the Jew jealous? Have some money, honey. You go to L.A. and they own all the Rolex and diamond places. Walk down a part of L.A. where we live and it is so rich it smells. You ever smell rich? They are all Jews, hallelujah! Amen.”

I get that all fathers are meant to be a bit embarrassing – it’s in the job description you sign immediately after the birth, I understand – but this goes a bit beyond baby photos and flirting with waitresses. Alas, we don’t know what Katy Perry herself thinks of this yet. I hope she’s cringing.

Critics were quick to round on Hudson’s remarks, with the Anti-Defamation League condemning Hudson’s “anti-Semitic” words, and declaring his speech:

“[…] a reminder that the age-old stereotypes are alive and well and continue to bubble up to the surface in many segments of society.”

Hudson recently called his daughter’s divorce from Russell Brand a “blessing from God.” His wife joined in, telling a congregation: “I’m sure Katy is trending on the Internet just to get you to church tonight.”

Yeah, that’s the real reason. Nothing to do with a recovered drug abuser and an evangelical Christian not being all that compatible. Nosirree.