January 28, 2015
Chris Harrison Dishes Details: Why Was ‘Bachelor’ Contestant's Buttocks Blacked Out?

Bachelor host Chris Harrison is present during every episode, and he gets to see and experience more than most. Last week during The Bachelor, viewers noticed that one particular contestant's buttocks were blacked out for most of the episode. Instead of having a rose ceremony cocktail party, Chris Soules decided it would be better with a pool party. And this is how one woman's behind -- Jilian -- got to carry a black box for most of the second hour.

Chris Harrison was asked repeatedly about this black box, and most people thought that maybe her private parts were showing since producers felt it was necessary to add this box. But even Harrison admits that the box may have been too much for what was actually happening in the scenes. It was all rather innocent.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Chris Harrison is now revealing that while it was excessive to use such a black box to cover up her behind in the pool, it was necessary according to guidelines.

"The black box was a little excessive and it was a little big," Chris Harrison revealed in an interview, adding, "First of all, I don't think 'she' is a 'he' because there were times we didn't black box the front, so unless you can hide very well, you would have seen. As far as the 'shrubbery' goes, I didn't get that close of a look. There could be shrubbery issues."

It appears that Jilian's buttocks may have been nice to Chris Soules, but according to the network's guidelines, it may have been too much nudity for a primetime show.

"She has a pretty solid, nice buttocks," Chris said, adding, "The only issue with said buttocks is it likes to 'eat' all her clothes … Standards and practices of ABC drew the line, and it was her butt."

Several theories emerged after the black box was such a big part of the second hour. Many felt that she may have been hiding something. But there was also another person who stole the show. Ashley kept talking about how she was a virgin, and as Chris Harrison points out, there is no reason why she should keep bringing that up.

"Ashley is obsessed with Ashley. Nobody else really cares, and I hate to break this to her, [but] the fact that she's a virgin isn't a huge thing. There are other virgins in the world. Her reasoning would probably be interesting to find out... but she's really caught up in the fact that she's a virgin," Harrison explains.

Of course, Chris Harrison may be disappointed if he never finds out what her reasoning is. According to the Inquisitr, Harrison recently shared his disappointment in Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray for not sharing their breakup with him prior to going public.

What do you think of Chris Harrison's explanation of the black box?

[Image via ABC]