January 28, 2015
Lacy Faddoul And Marcus Grodd Tease Secrets: What's The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Couple Doing?

After a bit of time without any significant social media updates, Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul of Bachelor in Paradise are back, and they are teasing their fans a bit. Though they haven't dished out any good scoop again quite yet, they do seem to be tantalizing fans, saying that big things are in the works.

The last that Bachelor and Bachelorette fans saw of Marcus and Lacy together, they were walking the red carpet premiere of Chris Soules' season. Grodd and Faddoul then hyped up her perfume line release, and since then they've been seemingly laying low when it comes to social media.

However, the two have popped back up again and fans are buzzing. A new post by Lacy shows her with Marcus, both of them looking casual and holding up one finger in front of their mouths as if to shh everybody. Lacy is fresh-faced without makeup, while Marcus is casual with a baseball cap on backwards.

Lacy teases, "Why being so quiet? @marcus_grodd #thebachelor #thebachelorette #bachelorinparadise #weloveyou."

Naturally Faddoul's post sparked plenty of commentary. There's a lot of talk about her makeup-free look, while others are worried that they aren't seeing her engagement ring. As many point out, however, if the Bachelor in Paradise couple is using the phone with the camera reversed, the image is reversed, too and thus the hand everybody sees in the photo is her right hand, not her left hand with a missing ring.

Others wonder just where the two are and what they're up to, but Marcus and Lacy aren't dishing out any details at this point. Are they on vacation somewhere or doing something related to the show or wedding planning? It may be that they're just laying low and letting fans know that all is well, but that there's not much to say at this point.

Another new Instagram post by Marcus shows Lacy in a tank top, baseball cap, and sunglasses, giving a peace sign. Once again, her engagement ring doesn't seem to be present, but it could be that it's simply not visible in the photo or she wasn't wearing it if they were out being active in the nice weather.

Marcus captioned the photo "#wcw (the queen and the weather)" as it seems the duo is out embracing some mild temperatures and sunny opportunities. Neither photo breaks down where the two are, but they do seem to still be together and plenty happy.

The last Marcus and Lacy chatted about their relationship, they indicated that they were aiming to have a summer wedding. Reality Steve was asked for his take on this Bachelor in Paradise relationship, and it doesn't sound as if he has any insider scoop at this point on this one. He doesn't seem to put much stock into the idea that the two will wed, but he doesn't seem to have any specifics about them either.

Will Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul make it down the aisle? Bachelor in Paradise fans are curious to see what the year has in store for this duo, but for now, everyone will just have to stay tuned for more specifics from Marcus and Lacy.

[Image via Lacy Faddoul's Instagram]