Smoking Marijuana Is Good For Your Lungs [Recent Study]

James Johnson

Another big victory for marijuana supporters this week after a study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association which found that smoking a moderate amount of pot can actually help your lung capacity.

Researchers at University of California-San Francisco and University of Alabama at Birmingham examined 5,000 people ages 18 to 30 over a 20 year period and then collected information about each persons tobacco and marijuana smoking habits. Researchers then took measurements of a users lung capacity, specifically forced expiratory volume (FEV) which measures how much volume of air the lungs can hold along with forced vital capacity (FVC), or the speed at which a person can blow air out) at several key points during the studies entire period.

Researchers as expected found that tobacco smoking reduced lung capacity while marijuana smoking in moderate marijuana smokers improved lung capacity for both FVC and FEV levels. However the authors note that very heavy marijuana smoking still appears to decrease lung capacity.

The study's authors state that too few of their participants were heavy smokers or heavy marijuana users to actually draw a direct connection, however moderate use of marijuana is the database showed that people who smoke a few joints per week reaped positive benefits.

The research project also found that most marijuana smokers tend to taper off their use of marijuana as they grow older while cigarette smokers tend to smoke a steady regime of cigarettes throughout their life.

In investigating why marijuana smokers increase their lung capacity the researchers believe that the way marijuana is smoked players a part. Pot smokers tend to draw smoke deep into their lungs while expanding their chest walls to accommodate for their "deep smoking" which in turn might actually strengthen lungs.

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