George Clooney Uses Jet To Attend Two Awards Shows, Wins Prizes At Both

It was a busy few days for George Clooney after he not only bagged two awards at different awards shows but actually showed up to receive both prizes.

Clooney took a private jet to the Palm Springs International Film Festival on Saturday where he accepted an award on Saturday, he then headed to the National Board of Review gala in Manhattan where he grabbed a “best-actor” prize on Tuesday night.

George Clooney knew about the honor since the awards were both announced ahead of time and guests say that made the reception relaxed, although as Clooney put it:

“I’m still going to act surprised.”

By the actors side was currently girlfriend of the moment Stacy Keibler.

Also grabbing a price for Clooney’s movie Descendants was co-star Shailene Woodley who grabbed the best supporting actress.

The NBR also gave out awards for best-picture (Martin Scorsese’s Hugo) while The Help won best ensemble film.

Talking about awards season George Clooney told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column:

“There’s a lot of baby kissing [in an awards campaign)] as you can imagine,” He then combined Hollywood awards to campaigning on the Presidential trail, “I think [making it more political] is a really good idea. I would like to see some of the best actresses out there debating, like Viola (Davis) and Meryl (Streep) going at each other. That would be fun.”

Here’s PopSugar’s coverage of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler at the Palm Springs Film Festival:

Are you surprised that George Clooney given his busy schedule made time tho show up at two awards shows in a three day period?