Photoshop Fail: Kate Middleton Is Latest Victim On Woman’s Day Cover

Kate Middleton is the latest victim of a Photoshop fail on a tabloid cover. The Duchess of Cambridge looked slightly older and barely recognizable on this week’s cover of Woman’s Day. It looks like someone went a little too far with the Photoshop editing tool. Entertainment Tonight was one of the first gossip sites to report the ridiculous Kate Middleton cover on Twitter.

Australian’s Woman’s Day magazine thought it would be a great idea to make Kate look like an old lady. Whoever used Photoshop turned Kate’s fair skin complexion into a dusty and ashy complexion. This Photoshop fail also added some lines under her eyes, a dark lipstick to her lips, and some cartoonish glitter to her earrings. Some would say that all of this Photoshop editing wasn’t necessary to use, especially on Kate Middleton. The Duchess looks perfectly fine without it.

The Australian magazine is now getting some heat from fans and the media because they turned Britain’s beloved Kate Middleton into an aging cartoon character. Woman’s Day Photoshopped the recent image of the Duchess of Cambridge going to the Kensington Leisure Centre in London on Jan. 9. As you can see, she looks fresh-faced and happy. Some would say that Kate is practically glowing, as she’s pregnant with her second child.


Look at the Photoshop fail on the Woman’s Day cover. Some have said that the Australian tabloid made Kate Middleton look ridiculous. The added sparkle to her diamond earring is just the topping to the cherry. The magazine also obviously darkened Kate’s makeup, which she didn’t need in the first place.


Kate Middleton isn’t the only victim of a recent Photoshop fail. In Touch was recently criticized for superimposing Bruce Jenner’s face onto the body of actress Stephanie Beacham. The photo was used to make it appear as if he was wearing makeup and women’s clothing. The tabloid headline read, “My Life as a Woman.” In Touch was rightfully slammed for creating such a transphobic cover.


There were two other Photoshop fails earlier this week. Lindsay Lohan was slammed for editing her waist, so that it would appear smaller in her latest selfie. She already looked great in her Calvin Klein underwear. The troubled actress heavy-handily used the airbrush tool, which gave her a cartoonish figure.


Victoria’s Secret was also slammed this week for its very own Photoshop fail. A model’s butt on the online store looks as if it has been entirely removed. Her waist and hips were also slimmed down to nonexistence.


Human beings will continue to make mistakes, especially when it comes to Photoshop. However, some say that celebs and editors should take tutorials or classes to prevent these Photoshop failures from happening. Or maybe they should use an editing tool that’s better than Photoshop and prevents these mistakes from happening.

[Image by Dave Johnston]