January 28, 2015
Bravo Couple Ariana Madix & Tom Sandoval Discuss Kristen Doute's Miami Antics

Bravo couple Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval, of Vanderpump Rules, have endured a lot from Kristen Doute on Season 3.

In addition to the drama that comes with working alongside her, Madix and Sandoval have been faced with a cheating scandal, led by Doute, for the majority of the season, and tons of antagonistic comments made toward Madix during a cast trip.

In a January 26 interview with Popdust, the Bravo couple opened up about Doute's behavior in Miami.

"My number one priority was for Scheana to have the best bachelorette party ever. Whether it was something we talked about or not when we got back … I knew it wasn't something that I was going to discuss with her there and ruin the trip. I honestly didn't hear any of the things Kristen said in Miami until we got back, including the physical threats. Knowing what I know now certainly changes things, but Scheana was, and still is, my first priority. Scheana is an optimist and just thought it wouldn't be as big of a deal as it actually was."
Also in Miami, former Bravo couple Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute sat down for a quick chat, during which Sandoval was seen crying.

In response to the emotional moment, Doute became emotional, as well. However, when it came time for her confessional, she made it clear that she took the moment as a confirmation of Sandoval's feelings for her, which he claimed he no longer had.

"I was completely shocked and disappointed at how she took that conversation and totally manipulated the situation. She essentially preyed on weakness. All I wanted was closure. I had been very short with Kristen because I didn't want her to take the conversation a different way. I didn't want her to think that something was there when it definitely wasn't. I tried everything to get her to move on. I don't feel like I was dealing with a rational human being. Kristen lives in an alternate reality and lacks self-awareness."
As the Inquisitr previously reported, Madix admitted she would have taken legal action against Doute had she known about the things Doute said before they aired on the show.
"Had I been aware of the things Kristen said about me, including holding a knife, I would have totally taken legal action. It's five months later now, so it's hard to take that to court, but if I were aware at the time I most definitely would have taken legal action."
Sandoval also spoke of Doute in his Bravo blog, claiming nothing she says is going to come between his relationship with Madix.
"I am only concerned with one person's feelings in this matter -- and Ariana knows the truth and knows who I am."
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