January 28, 2015
Rumors of Early Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Surface

Samsung has struck before, and they might do it again. Like the last two Galaxy releases, the release of the Galaxy S6 is rumored to come as early as March, despite it being announced for April. As the Inquisitrreported previously, the Galaxy S6 is highly anticipated in the tech community because of its significant upgrades, from the option for a double edge design to break-resistant glass.

Although confirmed specs are not yet available, BGR released a leaked spec sheet detailing the Samsung Galaxy S6's impressive features. In addition to a 20 megapixel camera and 5 megapixel front-facing camera, the unreleased Galaxy is rumored to have a super fast 64-bit eight-core CPU and a Quad HD Super AMOLED display, guaranteeing high quality video.

In addition to announcing the Samsung Galaxy S6's potential specs, BGR reported the latest model will feature Samsung's own Exynos 7420 processor. Featuring an estimated 3GB of RAM, if not 4GB once the Galaxy S6 is finalized, the phone will be the fastest in its class with superb multi-tasking ability and internet connectivity.

Apple's iPhone 6, which is experiencing a profitable first quarter of 2015 thus far, is Samsung's top contender and very difficult opponent to beat. So far, Apple is experiencing record iPhone sale, which are predicted to soar in the latter half of this year when the iPhone 7 is released. For now, Samsung fans are quietly waiting for the company to pull another early release like it has years prior.

A Forbes contributor, Jay McGregor, recently reviewed the Galaxy S6's upcoming features. While the processor and camera threaten to outperform the iPhone 6, other aspects of Samsung's unreleased smartphone are lacking in lustre. For example, biometric security features included in the Galaxy S5, such as those found on the iPhone, still need tweaking in Samsung's model.

Another impressive function of the Galaxy S6 is its rumored ability to charge wirelessly via built-in technology. Already stocked with a 2550m Ah battery, Samsung's Galaxy S6 promises buyers reliable, long-lasting battery power. Combine stable battery life with the phone's support of Cat 6 LTE, and users can expect lightning fast connections nearly anywhere in the world.

Experts are predicting the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be released during or before the Mobile World Congress scheduled for early March. However, because the phone will be ready for release in South Korea as early as February, those anticipating a sooner-than-expected release are betting for a late February debut.