January 28, 2015
Chris Soules 'The Bachelor' 2015 Spoilers: Episode 5 Brings A Return, Big Dates And Two Departures

The bachelorettes are getting serious about Chris Soules on ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season. Everybody is off to New Mexico for Episode 5 airing on February 2, and Reality Steve's spoilers dish out some new details for fans. What can everybody expect on the next show?

This next episode has two one-on-one dates and one group date. As a Bachelor spoiler preview from ABC shows, Britt Nilsson finally gets her individual date with Chris Soules, and she might even be willing to clean up for it.

Fans will remember that during the premiere Michelle Money made a joke about how Britt never showers, and now fans can finally get a bit of context to what seemed like an out-of-place joke at the time. For whatever reason, Nilsson has not been showering throughout her time filming, but now that she has a date with Chris, she may throw herself together.

As previous Bachelor spoilers have indicated, Britt gets a hot air balloon date with Chris and her fear of heights are going to make it a challenge for her. According to Reality Steve's spoilers, however, she will get a rose on the date.

Carly Waddell is known to get the other individual date, and it seems it's going to be a wacky and racy one. As for the group date, the rest of the ladies get in on that one, and they will all go white water rafting in the Rio Grande river. Everybody gets to go to a cocktail party after the rafting, and this is where one former bachelorette pops in asking for a second chance.

Per Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers, the previously eliminated contestant has driven on her own about seven hours, hoping to get another shot at Soules' roses. However, the other ladies get really upset by her presence, and ultimately, Chris tells her he can't keep her around. She then gets back in her car and heads back home.

Not much is known at this point about the cocktail party or any craziness leading up to the rose ceremony, but two ladies will be eliminated. Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that, as many suspected, Mackenzie Deonigi and Samantha Steffen are sent home. That leaves nine women who will then head to South Dakota with Chris.

Reality Steve's spoilers now lay out the rest of Season 19, though, of course, there are still doubters. While he's had a few glitches along the way early in the season, so far his intel for the final eliminations looks pretty solid. Will he have nailed this season?

Fans can't wait to find out as Chris Soules says he's in love, and Steve says he is engaged. ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season airs Monday nights, and things are getting serious.

[Images via Pop Tower/Reality TV World]