Farrah Abraham On Plastic Surgery Mishap: Says It's 'Good' It Happened To Her

Farrah Abraham recently suffered a plastic surgery mishap that stunned her fans. The reality show star has never been shy about her many procedures so it wasn't too surprising when she shared the news (and photos) of the mishap on her Twitter account. It took a few days and Farrah is doing better, but she hasn't forgotten about her plastic surgery scare!

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the reality show star recently went on The Doctors and talked about the situation. While she revealed that she is considering potentially getting butt implants, she was also open about reliving the details of her botched lip surgery. Not only that, but according to E!, she also revealed why she decided to have the procedure in the first place.

"My lower lip has always been larger than my upper lip, so I like to make them symmetrical, and from time to time, I do add filler. I wanted a lip implant because it was more of a permanent fix."
Unfortunately, that permanent fix backfired and left Farrah Abraham noticeable swollen for a few days. Farrah ended up having an allergic reaction to the anesthetic used, which is what caused her swollen lips.
"One of the ER doctors said my lip was all the way up here in front of my nostrils at one point, and that's what was very concerning to her. They gave me a steroid and an antibiotic. I'm going to continue my medication for the last three days. I'm just really thankful that I'm alive."
After the mishap, Farrah Abraham spent some time in Las Vegas with her boyfriend, Simon. The reality show star's lips were looking much better and she was in great spirits, making appearances at various Vegas hot spots. While there, she spoke to the Las Vegas Sun about her plastic surgery mishap and revealed that it is "good" that it happened to her.
"I've learned about the importance of safety precautions. Instead of going under the radar, I need to keep things public for safety reasons. In a way, it's good that it happened to me so that it doesn't happen to others. It was not the wisest decision to go under the radar with this."
Farrah Abraham has a large following of fans who watch her every move and by sharing her plastic surgery disaster, she may have helped a few people on their own plastic surgery decisions.

[Image: via Twitter]