Exotic Locations Of ‘Mission: Impossible 5’, Set To Release Much Earlier, Christmas In July [Images]

Get ready, Mission: Impossible fans. Possibly, you’ve all been “good boys and girls,” because it looks like you’ll be getting your presents earlier than expected.

As you know, Tom Cruise is known as one who loves adrenaline rushes. Accordingly, he does his own stunts. Well, instead of December 25, you’ll be seeing “Santa Cruise” on-screen in Mission: Impossible 5, in all his action-packed scenes, on July 31, 2015.

Interestingly, in the Netherlands, the movie will release a day earlier. However, most remaining countries in which it’s set to release — aside from the United Kingdom and Sweden — are still set for late December. Yet, there are few countries which will release the movie in January 2016.

Mission Impossible 5 Cast
Credit: Screenrant

It’s rumored that the team from Ghost Protocol is the same team that will return in Mission: Impossible 5 — which only makes sense, since the ending of Ghost Protocol showed Ethan Hunt assigning the team missions. You know, if they chose to accept them. If you would like to see the entire cast, there will be a link later in this article.


As for the locations, Mission: Impossible is known for its around-the-world locations, including exotic sceneries, devices, and other toys. Well, Mission: Impossible 5 is proposed to be no different. Actually, the director seems to be vamping it up this year.

According to the Internet Movie Database, supposedly, there are eight filming locations in this sequel to the Mission: Impossible franchise — with four of these places located in different cities of Morocco, Africa. These cities are Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, and Agadir. Though the following map photo doesn’t give all four locations, it certainly gives a great depiction as to Morocco’s African position.

Morocco Map Pic
Credit: On The Go Tours

Marrakech seems to be the only “inland” location to be filmed in Morocco. Since this is the case, many of the Moroccan road scenes for Mission: Impossible 5 will be shot in this city and the surrounding area.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco
Credit: Psychologies.co.uk

Contrarily, the other three Moroccan cities are coastal. So, definitely get ready for some exotic beach views.

Other Moroccan Cities

Casablanca, Morocco

Darija Dictionary

Rabat, Morocco

Rabat, Morocco
Credit: Wordless Tech

Agadir, Morocco

Agadir, Morocco
Credit: CNN

So, as can be seen from the images, Christopher McQuarrie — the director — has ensured to give beautiful scenery in Mission: Impossible 5. This is the “Africa” many, generally, don’t realize is still Africa. Every continent has its “good and bad” parts, right?

Surprisingly, these aren’t all the locations. There will also be scenes from three locations in England, as well as one from Austria. The three English locations will be London, Southampton, and Oxfordshire.

England Map

London, England

London, England - Mission Impossible 5
Credit: Paradise in the World

Southampton, England

Southampton, England - Mission Impossible 5 Location
Credit: Flickr

Oxfordshire, England

Oxfordshire, England - Mission Impossible 5 Location (7 of 8)
Credit: ox.ac.uk

Last, but not necessarily in this order, there’s Austria.

Austria Map for Mission Impossible 5 Locations
Credit: Vacations to Go

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria - Mission Impossible 5 Location (8 of 8)
Credit: World Property Journal

Here’s a video of Tom Cruise during Vienna filming. As aforementioned, he’s seen doing his own stunts.

It would seem that McQuarrie is not short-stepping in this sequel.

What are your thoughts? Do you think these locations are great, or do you feel others could be better? Do you like the cast that was chosen?

[Featured Image via Fansided, Video via YouTube]