Andressa Urach Changes Tune And Warns Against Plastic Surgery

Brazilian beauty, Andressa Urach, has always been a proponent for plastic surgery. Urach, the one-time teen mom who was nicknamed “Beanpole” according to CTV News, has admitted to having large amounts of surgery to be what she considers beautiful.

Urach’s friend and fellow reality TV star, Jessica Lopes, admitted that the two used to go to the plastic surgeon’s office as if they were just taking “a trip to the mall.”

The 27-year-old Urach has been singing another tune since experiencing some serious health issues and being placed on life support.

Urach has gone under the knife to receive silicone implants and a nose job and has also admitted to getting botox and taking anabolic steroids in the past. But it was this last surgery, an “operation to augment her thighs,” that provided to be the biggest problem.

Andressa Urach infection surgery pictures

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The surgery was botched somehow, and Urach went into septic shock before having to be placed on life support. She appeared on television in Brazil for the first time since falling ill two months ago with wounds so fresh that they actually bled through her dress.

Urach spoke very frankly about the dangers of plastic surgery, which she had previously touted.

“I hope that these wounds at least serve as a warning to other women…I regret that I put that poison in my body, mostly because of having too much vanity,” said the Brazilian star.

Before Urach had made comments like, “If you have the money, you can be beautiful,” but after her ordeal she looked more closely at her self and society.

While she did admit her vanity, she blamed her obsession and the obsession in general with plastic surgery on society. Urach stated that society is to blame because it “unfortunately holds a standard of beauty in which you have to be perfect.”

This message is hopefully coming in time. Brazil has surprisingly just surpassed the United States as the “world’s plastic surgery capital.”

According to Yahoo! News, when contacted, Brazil’s Plastic Surgery Society claimed that what went wrong in Urach’s surgery was that “Urach was given a dose of silicone gel 200 times what the government allows and used a hydrogel that isn’t approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

While what happened to Urach is awful, she’s not the only one who has had plastic surgery that has gone wrong. A 39-year-old Brazilian woman died after she received a hydrogel injection.

While it’s a miracle that she made it out alive, let’s hope that Andressa Urach and her ordeal become a cautionary tale for any woman considering changing her looks through plastic surgery.

[Photo Courtesy of Ego]