January 28, 2015
Mom's Flagged Breastfeeding Photo Leads To Facebook Protest, Moms Fire Back With Breastfeeding Selfies On Social Media

Kaya Wright's flagged breastfeeding photo has sparked a big controversy. The photo reportedly captured Wright breastfeeding her 16-month-old son while sitting in a bathtub. According to Mirror, Facebook flagged and removed the photo after a user reported it, citing "nudity violations." However, the removal came as quite a shock to Wright because the breastfeeding photo was shared within a closed group that is based solely on breastfeeding.

During a recent interview with Liverpool Echo, she recounted the incident. The mother of two also revealed why she was so puzzled about the breastfeeding photo being removed.

"At first I thought it was a joke. Facebook said the image had been reported for nudity but you really couldn't see anything. Then I was a bit disappointed at the thought that someone in the group had reported the image. It's a breastfeeding group, so what do you expect? Some of my friends thought that maybe it had been reported by mistake."
Following the removal of the breastfeeding photo, Wright took to Facebook with a post informing the group that her photo had been flagged and removed. Apparently, she wasn't the only mom outraged by the removal. Southport Visitor reports that hundreds of moms have started posting breastfeeding selfies in support of Wright. Now, breastfeeding photos are being uploaded on a number of social media networks.

Mail Online reports that another mother, Clare Riley, posted breastfeeding photo in support of Wright. She informed Mail Online that she received a Facebook notification stating that her photo would be "reviewed." She also shared her opinion of breastfeeding in public.

"I don't expose myself when I breastfeed. I don't do it for attention. I do it to discreetly feed [my] child."
Facebook later contacted Wright to inform her that the photo did not violate nudity restrictions. So, the removal was reportedly overturned. However, the ordeal has sparked yet another debate about breastfeeding photos on social media. While many people agree with Wright's perspective of breastfeeding as a natural part of life, others argue it is still a practice that should be done privately.

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[Image via Facebook]