WWE News: WWE Not Willing To Pay Brock Lesnar For More Dates?

Brock Lesnar, the current-WWE World Heavyweight champion, came out victorious at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view against John Cena and Seth Rollins. Most WWE fans are in agreement by saying that was the best Triple Threat match in recent memory.

The spots each man executed were done with brilliance. Lesnar, who took three AA’s, a couple of Curb Stomps, and a flying elbow through the announcer’s table, ended up landing an F-5 on Rollins for the pin victory.

During the match, the flying elbow Rollins landed on Lesnar could’ve done more harm than good. Lesnar sustained a broken rib from that spot, which isn’t likely to affect his status for WWE’s Fast Lane and WrestleMania 31 pay-per-views.

As for Brock Lesnar’s status in WWE after WrestleMania 31, there’s a huge chance he’s walking after the Showcase of the Immortals. According to Mark Madden, who appeared on Jim Ross’ podcast, The Ross Report, WWE is unwilling to pay Lesnar for more dates and an extension to his contract.

“One thing I would do if I were WWE is … I don’t know what it would take to keep Brock but I’d pay him. I know for a fact that Brock would be working more now if they just pay him his ‘per date.’ They’ve been hesitant to do that. He’s told them that he would be available for more work if they just paid him the same per date. They need to do that because I think what the Royal Rumble showed is he is by far their most over performer… maybe right there with Daniel Bryan.”

Lesnar’s status for WWE’s new pay-per-view, Fast Lane, is looking good. However, that doesn’t fix the problem Madden highlighted in his excerpt from the Ross Report. Lesnar is with Daniel Bryan as the two most-over performers in WWE arsenal. If he said that he’d work more, why isn’t the WWE paying him?

This isn’t an opinionated piece, however. The WWE frustrated more than a handful of WWE fans on Sunday evening at the Royal Rumble. There’s no guarantee how many times Lesnar will appear before Fast Lane, but it should include at least once. Especially if he’s going to wrestle next month, one appearance on Monday Night Raw is a must.

Roman Reigns will continue to be the man pushed to the moon, but the focus also needs to contain the WWE’s two-hottest performers, Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar. Would a match between the two have been realistic? That answer is up to the WWE Universe to decide.

[Image via wwelivetv.com]