January 28, 2015
Lisa Vanderpump On Feud, 'I Tried To Warn Kyle,' Calls Out Brandi Glanville's Bad Behavior

Lisa Vanderpump is reminding everyone, including Kyle Richards, that she warned her against befriending Brandi Glanville. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star says now her friend and co-star understands what it is like to be a target.

In speaking about the new friendship between Kyle and Brandi on this season of RHOBH, which seems to have ended as quickly as it started, and the fallout from poker night, Lisa Vanderpump writes on her Bravo blog Wednesday that she tried to warn Richards about someone as volatile and disloyal as Glanville. While Lisa does not come right out and say, "I told you so," she implies that she would love to.

"When Kyle and I went to Villa Blanca, I am reticent to say what I would love to. If you remember in one of the early episode of this season as I witnessed the bond between Brandi and her, I stated, 'I will not get involved, she will discover it soon enough...' But if I could, it would go something like this: 'See? Now do you see how I felt? You are experiencing a minuscule amount of what that woman put me through!' But somehow it is better left unsaid, as I believe her personal experience will resonate far more than any warning I could issue."
Vanderpump points out that Kyle, who Brandi says only uses Kim as a storyline, tried to whisper while the sisters were in the bathroom when Kim was coming clean about taking painkillers and kept quiet about the bathroom admission on the ride home with Lisa Rinna, all in an effort to protect her sister. That, she says, is what loyalty is all about. However, the Vanderpump Rules' star goes on to question Glanville's loyalty to Kim Richards. Bringing up, on camera no less, Kim calling in the middle of the night and Brandi's being worried throws up a red flag as to whether the other Richards sister will soon know too what it is to be a target.
"I don't understand the need for Brandi to expose the fact that Kim has called her in the middle of the night several times and she is worried about her. What are we intimating? Wouldn't a loyal friend keep quiet on matters as such?"
The excuse that her cast mate has no filter is wearing thin, says Vanderpump, and Glanville's actions go beyond what is acceptable behavior, something fans have been saying for quite some time, as evidenced by the latest efforts to have Brandi fired from RHOBH.
"This excuse that keeps being used that Brandi has no filter is wearing very thin... This is not an example of someone with no filter, this an example of a person that needs to realign her priorities and boundaries. It's everything. The crass comments about Eileen's house were uncalled for as she had the grace to even entertain her, invite her into her house, which is warm and cosy with a plethora of family pictures decorating the walls that indicate happy relationships. Brandi makes many rash statements, such as 'They hate each other' and 'Kyle is never there to support her sister.'"
Can the friendship between Kyle and Brandi be repaired? Can Glanville stay loyal to Kim? Lisa Vanderpump hints maybe not.
"We will see what transpires in this new friendship as we ride the wave of this complicated season, we will see the levels of loyalty that is given to this 'new' friendship. There is so much I have been privy to and, although not so close with many involved, I would not expose anyone if it was to their detriment.
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[Image courtesy of Michael Larsen/Bravo]